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Veruhkt Plateau



This region is sandwiched between mountains to the north and south. The central area is filled with trees, lakes and rivers flowing to a large waterfall. There are a handful of ruins and structures, but otherwise pretty sparse. Also the stone beneath the lakes is multicolored.

Regions the border the Veruhkt Plateau include:


The Veruhkt Plateaut tower sits on top of a hill

In the Lore

Historically, the Veruhkt Plateau has been subject to the influence of their larger neighbors (namely Highfall and Dusps). Prior to the [[The Frostfang Catastrophe (book)|Frostfang Catastrophe]], this region was ruled by Highfall. However due to the economic devastation caused by the catastrophe, Highfall did not have enough resources to control the region. It remained a small independent nation until the Kingdom of Dusps invaded and captured it in Av3 200.