The Crypts of Akhlo'Rohma

This book can be found in a building in Dusps.

During the time of Avsohm, a mass murderer known as the Lake Man struck fear into the hearts of the Drehmari. When he was captured, emperor Zorhis Ifeihl ordered the construction of a vast underground network of cells and tombs. Here, Avsohm would imprison and bury its greatest criminals.

Unfortunately, due to frequent expeditions from both magical institutes and the Order of Insohm, the Crypts grew unstable and collapsed in on themselves. All that remains are a few buried entrances that lead to nothing but rubble. The most well-kept of these is said to be northwest of here, along the coast, hidden among the cliffs.

The Crypts were a fascinating places of wisdom and learning that were unfortunately lost to time. Let it serve as a reminder that some knowledge has dire consequences.