Annoyed Archeologist's Thoughts

This book can be found in the ruined city of Ihted in the [[2.2 Demo]].

Today's scholars might not like it, but there was a time before Avsohm. This city is proof-positive.

We call it Ihted, after a long-lost city in one of the lands from before the Felling of the Primal Tree. Like that ancient place, this Ihted was also once a hub of runic magic and Khive worship. But after Emperor Ifeihl forbade the worship of Aspects, the few remaining mystics who made their home here were exiled, leaving behind an ancient ziggurat and a small town slowly sinking into wet soil.

Officially, no runes were discovered on the ziggurat or in the houses left behind in this Ihted. But I have my doubts. There are places on the old stone which appear to be lightly singed by a powerful handheld mining beam.

Avsohm tells us that if we choose to worship any god, it must be either Virtuo or Drehmal. But just as that may have been used as an excuse to obtain ancient runic knowledge here, I wonder if the religion requirements are all just designed to endear the Emperors of Avsohm, allegedly descended from the prophet Shirua of Drehua, to the people. Perhaps I am being paranoid. I shall begin to dig beneath this ruin soon for discoveries that haven't yet been picked over by Blue Exodus or Red Dawn.

This ruin is very old, so I expect there could be several buried buildings at this site!