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The White Vault

This book can be found in Athrah.

Here in Casai, they try their damndest to make sure nobody enters that old vault off the western coast. Apparently it contains some forbidden knowledge, houses a monster... the old founder of Insohm went insane in there for some reason. Who knows. I'd love to check it out one day but apparently its sealed tight. Assumedly by Insohm so nobody would enter. Quite odd that so many ancient Avsohmic structures were rediscovered by Insohm, then forcibly closed off.

Their fates are similar when you think about it. Avsohm, most of their government simply vanished one day. Insohm, their capitol also just... vanished, without a trace. So strange too. Right by Mossfield, one of the great cities of the Third Avihm. No eyewitness accounts, no direct evidence, nothing. Just gone.