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Purity Peaks



Purity Peaks is a region full of rivers, with forests and lakes dispersed amongst cliffs. A few marshes are also spread throughout the region.

Regions bordering Purity Peaks includes:

Notable Locations


The Purity Peaks tower

In the Lore

Terhmia is a beautiful land of rolling hills, lush forests, and large outcroppings of a pure white rock, hence the name ‘Purity Peaks’. Long ago, it was filled with followers of Virtuo, but during Av2 it housed a kingdom that worshipped the Aspects, the old dragon gods. Their culture revolves around the Aspects and much of their art and architecture features drakes, wyrms, and serpents. The nation has been conquered many times throughout history because of Terhmia’s location between three rivaling nations - the kingdoms of Dreh’Noha, the Gozak Union, and the Kingdom of Dusps. Because of this, the people have transitioned from castles and cities to be more nomadic. They do still have their old capital city of Sal’Terhmis, but it functions more as a city-state and trading center than a capital.