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Insohmic Library


The Insohmic Library (or Old Library Tower) is a ruined tower in the Spearhead Forest region, located on the eastern coast of Mossfield.

Approximate Coordinates Advancement
4540 98 1586 Arriving at the Old Library grants the advancement "The Insohmic Library".


Coordinates Loot
4546, 100, 1582 4x Book
4547, 104, 1592 6x Paper
1x Enchanted Book (Piercing III)
4545, 113, 1585 9x Book
21x Paper
1x Book and Quill ([[Journal of Councilman Kihfs’Mihnar]])
4556, 123, 1588 6x Book
4x Paper
4565, 106, 1587 1x Peace Treaty
4567, 91, 1587 7x Book
10x Paper
1x Enchanted Book (Unbreaking III, Protection III)

A chest at 4565, 106, 1587 contains the legendary item Peace Treaty.


After the disappearance of Castle Hovadchear, Mossfield became the capital of the [[Order of Insohm]], the greatest power of the Third Avihm. This tower was the Insohmic Council’s Headquarters during that time.