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The Tri-Moon Theocracy

Found in Mohta.

The Tri-Moon Theocracy was an ancient civilization that was founded before even the Avsohmic Empire rose to power, and were the source of several conflicts throughout Av2 1700.

Not much is known about their early history, but it is known that in Av2 1383, Lunar Necromancers left the Chosen Kingdom because of the Kingdom's increasing hatred towards all things involving necromancy.

When Avsohm was born out of the Chosen Kingdom, this anti-necromancy sentiment grew as Avsohm grew. It was only a matter of time until hald the conrinent had a great disdain for necromancy.

Being in Lorahn'Kahl, the Tri-Moon Theocracy had little competition other than the occasional Maelmari raid. Avsohm had taken some of their border territories but primarily for the resources - the crystalline blue rocks of this region was a very durable construction material.

The Theocracy became a target when Mael began launching small sea invasion along Lorahn'Kahl's coast. Avsohm sent troops to guard the border out of fear of Mael gaining a foothold in Lorahn'Kahl and invading the Avsohmic heartland.

Maelihs kept sending Maelmari squadrons to Lorahn'Kahl to stew chaos, and the cauldron reached a boiling point when the Tri-Moon Theocracy responded by raising a huge undead army, made with specially constructed necrotic engines (which were all destroyed in the coming war).

Instead of wasting troops invading the Theocracy, Avsohm instead supported an assassination against the Theocracy's High Priests, leading to their instability and downfall. Avsohm was able to occupy Lorahn'Kahl in Av2 1748. However, with the fall of the Theocracy and their most powerful necromancers, meant their undead army would be uncontrolled and free to roam the lands. Thus, the Undead Horde was Avsohm's next major problem, as a massive undead army marched to the Central Plains.

The Tri-Moon theocracy, while mostly secretive and isolated, had a short moment of importance when they were a mere puppet for two greater powers. They ultimately had a significant impact on the political landscape of Avsohm, and this shaping the future of Drehmal.