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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Legendary Items

Legendary Items, while typically being less dangerous to obtain than Mythical Weapons, are still moderately difficult to find. Hints leading to these weapons are often found in lore books in nearby settlements. These weapons typically fill a niche but are less powerful than mythical weapons.

This page also contains a legendary chestpiece, glider, and three shields, beyond just weapons.

Emperor Anyr's Scepter

Anyrscepter.webp Emperor Anyr's Scepter
Stats Emperor Anyr's Scepter deals 9 base damage, has 1.3 attack speed, gives 6 max hp (3 hearts) and is obtained with Unbreaking VI
Lore Emperor Anys was the last ruler of the ancient Avsohmic Empire, and made his home in the Golden Sands, which has since been renamed to Anyr'Nogur. When Avsohm fell, the military city of Sal'Anyr was attached by Mael's forces, leaving only rubble and Anyr's tomb. This marked the beginning of the Dune Wars.
Obtain Break into Emperor Anyr's Tomb which is located next to the Anyr'Nogur tower.


Flammer.webp Flammer
Stats Flammer deals 8 base damage, has 1.2 attack speed, and is obtained with Efficiency I and Unbreaking III
Special This weapon, while it can be used as such, is best used as a mining tool because of its special ability "Excavation, this item is able to mine multiple blocks at once" this means that whenever you break a block it will break the surrounding 8 blocks if they are able to be naturally mined by a pickaxe, for example, Stone and Terracotta and not Sand or Dirt.
Lore Mael's generals have occupied Ebonrun for decades, forcing them into hard manual labor working in dangerous mines. This hammer is a mining tool used by the more respected of the slaves
Obtain At the bottom of a drop shaft in an abandoned mine found on the outer southwest slope of the main volcano of [[Mt. Ebonfire]]

The Frostfang

Frostfang.webp The Frostfang
Stats Frostfang deals 7 base damage, has 2.2 attack speed, gives 0.02 movement speed, takes 6 max hp (3 hearts) and is obtained with Bane of Arthropods VII
Lore When the Avsohmic Empire first began their Faehrcycle mining operation, the Frostfang Tribes were displeased. Tensions grew and culminated in Homli Tahsgan, ruler of the tribes, freezing over the entire north in what became known as the Frostfang Catastrophe. Nowadays, the Tribe has mostly disbanded, spreading to nearby regions to separate themselves from it.
Obtain At Homli Tahsgan's grave in the southern part of Faehrcyle

The Heartaxe

Heartaxe.webp The Heartaxe
Stats The Heartaxe deals 13 base damage, has 0.8 attack speed, takes 0.02 movement speed, grants 40% knockback resistance, and is obtained with Efficiency VI and Unbreaking III
Lore The Heartwood has always been incredibly difficult to live in because of the rapid growth rate of the flora in the region. Roots, vines and weeds completely overrun anything that is built within the forest. This axe was made by a fool who believed they could single-handedly stop the growth.
Obtain In a small ruin in the [[Underwood]], the western caverns of the Heartwood

Hovadchear's Greathammer

Hovadchearsgreathammer.webp Hovadchear's Greathammer
Stats Hovadchear's Greathammer deals 20 base damage, has 0.3 attack speed, takes 0.06 movement speed, grants 100% knockback resistance, and gives 16 max hp (8 hearts), and is obtained with Unbreaking IV
Lore Hovadchear Myrik, one of the founders of the Order of Insohm, was a master architect. Towards the end of his life he valued transparency above all else, which did not coincide with the Insohmnic Council's motives.
Obtain At Hovadchear's grave in the southwestern part of the Spearhead Forest


Masayoshi.webp Masayoshi
Stats Masayoshi deals 9 base damage, has 1.8 attack speed, takes 4 max hp (2 hearts) and is obtained with Unbreaking IV
Lore The Tide Queen was one of few born with unlimited potentia, allowing her to heal wounds in the blink of an eye and shield herself from attacks. She lived for thousands of years and spent them training herself with this very blade.
Obtain The garden of the Tidal Palace in Firteid

One Thousand Scars

Onethousandscars.webp One Thousand Scars
Stats One Thousand Scars deals 26 base damage, has 0.35 attack speed, takes 0.05 movement speed, and is obtained with Sweeping Edge III
Lore The First Avihm is shrouded in mystery. Nothing is known about it other than that it was remade after the Primal Tree burnt down. This mighty blade, along with the rest of Mt. Scarstone, is said to be a surviving piece of that era.
Obtain Atop of the black pyramid underneath the [[Scarred Castle]], on the mountain range between the Heartwood and the Spearhead Forest


Orchidaceae.webp Orchidaceae
Stats Orchidaceae deals 6 base damage, has 1.5 attack speed, takes 2 max hp (1 heart), and is obtained with Looting IV and Unbreaking III
Lore Whoever crafted this scepter must've had a penchant for treasure-hunting. Fitting for them to be buried in long forgotten crypts once filled with riches.
Obtain In the [[Crypts of Akhlo'Rohma]] northwest of the Akhl'rohma tower


Osteogenesis.webp Osteogenesis
Stats Osteogenesis deals 3 base damage, has 0.4 attack speed, and is obtained with Smite X and Unbreaking II
Lore During the Dune Wars, Mael's Skullbeasts were a terrifying threat that could level a city in minutes. This chain blade excretes a red, bone-melting substance designed specifically to counter one. Regrettably, they never got the chance to use it.
Obtain In a hidden chamber under [[Nimahj Citadel]]'s Blacksmith

Peace Treaty

Peacetreaty.webp Peace Treaty
Stats Peace Treaty deals 7 base damage, has 1.3 attack speed, gives 0.01 movement speed and is obtained with Knockback V and Unbreaking VII
Lore Mossfield was the capital city of the Order of Insohm, the union that binded together the nations of the Third Avihm. Their diplomatic success was how they grew to control most of the continent.
Obtain Inside the [[Old Library]], on an island adjacent to the ruins of Old Mossfield

Ultva's Bowblade

Bowblade.webp Ultva's Bowblade
Stats Ultva's Bowblade deals 8 base melee damage, has 1.6 attack melee speed, gives 0.025 movement speed, and is obtained with Power IV, Sharpness IV, and Unbreaking IV
Special This weapon can be used as both a bow and a sword due to it possessing melee damage and it being a bow
Lore When faced with retaliation from Maelihs, the Order of Insohm begun a research campaign into the powerful energy source that was utilized by the ancient Avsohmic Empire to fuel magic weaponty. Ultva Utofal, one of Insohm's founders, went insane on one of Avsohm's vaults searching for answers
Obtain In an Avsohmic vault located on an island off the west coast of the Casai

Voidtear Dagger

Voidteardagger.webp Voidtear Dagger
Stats Voidtear Dagger deals 5 base damage, has 2.3 attack speed, gives 0.015 movement speed, and comes with the attribute Null Cloak, which grants invisibility while held
Special this weapon has the special ability "Null Cloak: Holding this weapon grants the user invisibility"
Lore This odd purple dagger is theorized to be a Blue Exodus assassin's weapon of choice. Now that the powerful Avsohmic organization is gone, the blade's full capabilities are unknown.
Obtain In the [[Exodus Citadel]] located in the Nimahj Swamp

Crystal Digging Claws

Crystalclaw.webp Crystal Digging Claws
Stats Crystal Digging Claws deal 2 damage, have 4.5 attack speed, give 0.01 movement speed, take 4 HP (2 hearts), and are obtained with Efficiency VIII and Unbreaking IV.
Lore The crystals on the Islands of Dusk and Dawn are an incredibly useful magical material. These digging claws were used to extract the massive stones from the ground by removing the soil around them.
Obtain In a mining site located nearby the Island of Dusk tower

Rehntite Plate Mail

Rehntiteplatemail.webp Rehntite Plate Mail
Stats Rehntite Plate Mail provides 20 max HP (10 hearts), 100% knockback resistance, -50% movement speed, -50% attack speed, and -50% attack damage, 14 armor and 7 armor toughness, and is obtained with Unbreaking X.
Lore Rehntite, the mystical mineral utilized by the Avsohmic Empire, allowed them to harness energy so powerful they could compete with Maelihs himself. The recipe for Rehntite was lost to time, when all who knew it vanished, taken by nothing.
Obtain In the [[Lost Caverns]], in the northern part of Akhlo'Rohma


Avsohmkohl.webp Avsohm'Kohl
Stats Obtained with Unbreaking IV
Special Technological Wings: Tap jump while falling to slowly glide forward or down. This item is an elytra, and can be repaired with Empyrean membranes.
NOTE: Attempting to use fireworks while gliding will halt your momentum and set you on fire with the message, "Your glider catches on fire..."
Lore A strange technological artifact gifted by AvSys, constructed by the brilliant scientists housed here thousands of years ago. Despite the cutting edge technology used in its construction, its weaknesses are hard to ignore, mainly being prone to combustion and an aversion to water-based magics.
Obtain In the [[Temporal Ruins]], South-East of Purity Peaks


Dragon Greatshield

Dragon Greatshield
Stats Gives 2 HP (1 heart) while in the off-hand
Obtain In the Exodus Citadel chamber
Lore Blue Exodus, the private military group contracted by Avsohm, divided their soldiers into three classes. The Dragons were one of these divisions

Spider Buckler

Spider Buckler
Stats Gives 0.1 attack speed while in the off-hand
Obtain In the Exodus Citadel chamber
Lore Blue Exodus, the private military group contracted by Avsohm, divided their soldiers into three classes. The Spiders were one of these divisions

Falcon Shield

Falcon Shield
Stats Gives 0.01 movement speed while in the off-hand
Obtain In the Exodus Citadel chamber
Lore Blue Exodus, the private military group contracted by Avsohm, divided their soldiers into three classes. The Falcons were one of these divisions