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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Avsohmic Vault


The Avsohmic Vault is an Avsohmic library sealed behind a vault, located on an Island off the Western coast of the Casai region.

Approximate Coordinates Advancement
-3618 81 -1200 Arriving at the Avsohmic Vault grants the advancement "Vault of Knowledge".


Coordinates Loot
-3689, 78, -1192 1x Book and Quill (Av2 1724 - Creation of the Vaults)
-3696, 76, -1199 1x [[Legendary Weapons#Ultva’s Bowblade]]

A chest at -3696, 76, -1199 contains the legendary item [[Legendary Weapons#Ultva’s Bowblade]].



This chamber is one of the Vaults ordered by the Avsohmic Emperor Ifeihl in Av2 1724 to store pieces of knowledge that were dangerous to the public, such as all information surrounding the Yavhlix facility and Primal Energy. Its access was exclusive to higher ranking members of the Avsohmic government. Later discovered, it was cracked open and its secrets studied by the Order of Insohm. One of its founders, Ultva Utofal, went mad inside the Vault while searching for ancient technology to fight Maelihs and was subsequently lost to nothing.

The Vault is mentioned in three books: The White Vault found in Athrah, Journal of Councilman Kihfs'Mihnar found in the Insohmic Library and Av2 1724 - Creation of the Vaults, which is inside the Vault itself.