The Hunting of Greatbeast Muhs

This book can be found in one of the buildings in Gozak.

It is Av2 1583, and it is on this year that Greatbeast Muhs met his fate. Muhs, one of the Aspects created before the Second Avihm, is the father of all beasts within Drehmal. With that title, Father of Beasts, comes certain hatreds and worships. Some worship the Wyrm - particularly the people of Heartwood, the Gozaki. Others hate the Wyrm, for he created ferocious monstrosities that have caused many a Drehmari to meet a grisly fate. The Hunting Party is on the side of hatred. They believe that by slaying Greatbeast Muhs they shall not only end the scourge of murderous beasts, but also inherit his enormous party. The Hunting Party is wise and powerful - highly skilled individuals with a mighty Virmari amongst them. Greatbeast Muhs was a god, but even gods can die. The party entered Muhs' den, the enormous cavern along with Heartwood's western shore. Here they used powerful runic devices to ensnare Muhs and nullify his powers. Still, Muhs proved an incredibly formidable force, as a Wyrm. The Hunting Party emerged victorious. The worshippers of Greatbeast Muhs mourned, hosting an enormous funeral ceremony, one of the largest in history. The Hunting Party was subject to a hunt themselves and were killed be swathes of angry mobs. The sole survivor of the Party was convicted of deicide and sentenced to life in prison within the depths of Ihted, the Avsohmic capital at the time. May we remember the repercussions of the Hunting Party's goals and the impact it has had on the people of the Heartwood.