Swamp Expeditions

This book can be found in Fort Nimahj.

I finally gathered the courage to leave the safety of this fort and go on an adventure. All I can say is wow. What a marvelous journey. Maybe I should travel to the northern Ebony Veldt or across the mountains, maybe see the Primal Caverns. Or maybe I'll just go back to that swamp. There were a lot of wondrous things along my journey. I started by crossing the river at the bottom of the cliff and into the swamp, so I was at its more northern portion. I didn't end up going far but it didn't matter. Giant, 15 meter tall mushrooms, massive mangrove and willow trees, the constant sound of wildlife... so much different from here, the Northern Tharxax Plains. So much life, so much atmosphere... I loved it.

One part I wish I could've gone further into was where the water got deep. I saw some odd, light blue structure off in the distance, covered in roots and vines. It was very hard to tell what it was but it was almost pyramid shaped. Very peculiar. I unfortunately don't have the equipment to make it across deep swamp water, but maybe I can gather a small party to go out and see what it is. Who knows what we could find in there!