Journal of Councilman Kihfs'Mihnar

This book can be found in the Library of the Insohmic Council, near Mossfield.

Ultva is a lost cause. The man is obsessed, a fanatic for ancient technology. He believes that the only way we stand a chance at retaking the west from Maelihs is by recreating and restoring Avsohmic weaponry. He doesn't seem to understand that not even the brightest of our arcanists can barely even comprehend Avsohmic runes. He's been neglecting his duties as a councilman, instead electing to go off on wild archeological expeditions. He's always been a knowledge seeker, but this is too much! We should be focusing on defending our existing territories, innovating off of technology we already understand, and maintaining relationships between the nations. I swear, he will be the downfall of this order. If he convinces the other councilmembers to follow him in this pursuit of power, we will end up just like Avsohm.

*A number of pages have been torn out of the journal, leaving this as the only other entry*

I'm going to bring up Ultva's removal at the next council meeting. Apparently, he and his archeological team discovered an Avsohmic vault on an island just off the western Casain coast. According to letters we've received from him, it's "A library, filled with wondrous knowledge. There is so much to be learned here, we may be able to wield the power of Rehntite one day after all."

A few days after receiving that letter, we got another from the digsite supervisor. Apparently, Ultva locked himself inside of the vault. He read something that caused him to enter a rather manic and fearful state. They've been trying to get him out for days, but all they can hear inside the vault is arcane noise and Ultva incoherently ranting to himself. Someone in this state has no place in the Order of Insohm. Hopefully my fellow councilmembers can see that. Though, I can't help but wonder what he read which caused him to enter such a state. For a man of his wit and cunning, to be so easily shaken by words hundreds of years old... I find to be troubling.