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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia


Scattered across Drehmal are hundreds of hidden chests containing a vast assortment of items and easter eggs. The map is designed such that everything is obtainable without using the Nether, though you can still enter if you please. Drehmal has 6 Mythical Weapons and 17 Legendary items (custom weapons/gear) to be discovered or won throughout the realm. In addition, you will start with a class specific pair of boots that can be upgraded as you find the resources for doing so.

Item classes

New classes (being added to 2.2)

Named Weapons and Armor

Besides Legendary and Mythical items there are some other uniquely named items that are found in Drehmal

Raw Mutton
Obtain By killing the Meat Baby spawned at the Spawner in The Birthing Grounds
Stats Sharpness III
Well-Worn Axe
Obtain By killing the Infected Man in his tent at the coast far southwest of Faehrcyle
Stats Efficiency II, and Unbreaking III
Saw Cleaver
Obtain Trade 32x Emeralds and 4x Iron Ingots to Gehrman in Tharxax City
Stats Sharpness V, and Unbreaking V
Hunter Axe
Obtain Trade 32x Emeralds and 4x Iron Ingots to Gehrman in Tharxax City
Stats Knockback II, Sharpness II, and Unbreaking II
Threaded Cane
Obtain Trade 32x Emeralds and 4x Iron Ingots to Gehrman in Tharxax City
Stats Looting II, and Sharpness IV
Gihmli's Axe
Obtain Trade 45x Emeralds and 3x Diamonds to Gihmli in Gozak
Stats Mending, and Unbreaking III
Gouh's Crossbow
Obtain By killing Gouh in the Pillager Outpost near the bridge in the Ebony Veldt region. "Large Ball" Firework Rocket does not included
Stats Unbreaking IV
Comedically Large Spoon
Obtain On the coast far east of the Frozen Bite
Stats Efficiency V, Sharpness II, and Unbreaking III
Frozen Breeches
Obtain Floating at the bottom of the very deep icy mountain north from the Grave of Frost in Faehrcyle region
Stats Depth Strider III, Mending, and Unbreaking III
Exquisite Leaf Hat
Obtain In the Mailbox of the Swamp King located far south from Nimahj Swamp
Stats Unbreaking III
Coordinates -2498 133 2858
Smouh's Hammer
Obtain By killing Smouh in Av'Sal
Stats Unbreaking IV
Dragonslayer Sword
Obtain By killing Ornstehn in Av'Sal
Stats Unbreaking IV
Temporal Bow
Obtain At the tower of the hills of Purity Peaks near the Pillagers Bridge
Stats Infinity
Timefall Boots
Obtain Encased in between two magical towers northeast from Purity Peaks tower
Stats Feather Falling IV, and Mending
Creeper Hide Pants
Obtain Encased in an armor stand located far west from Capital Valley tower
Stats Curse of Binding, and Blast Protection IV
Obtain Rob John Brinn-Thinn's grave in Mossfield
Stats Sharpness I, and Unbreaking X
Hanzho's Bow
Obtain Rob Conner's grave in Mossfield
Stats Power I, Punch II, and Curse of Vanishing
Thornton's Plate
Obtain Rob Billybob Thornton's grave in Drabyel
Stats Chainmail Chest with Thorns I and Unbreaking I
Axe of Growth
Obtain Behind a chiseled stone near the top of the front of the church in Drabyel
Stats Wooden Axe with Efficiency V, Mending, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III
Obtain Rob Drehn Mal'Bohm's grave in Dusps
Stats Chainmail Chest with Blast Protection IV and Unbreaking III
Obtain Rob Malthazar's grave in Dusps
Stats Iron Sword with Sharpness X. Note - this sword has negative durability, cannot be repaired, and therefore you only get one hit before it breaks
Countenance of Virtuo
Obtain At the bottom of the pool of water in the center of the [[Kiln of Virtuo]]
Stats Leather Cap with Aqua Affinity, Respiration IV, and Unbreaking III
Obtain Trade with the abandoned troupemaster in Highfall (16 emerald, 1 quartz)
Stats Iron Sword with Bane of Arthropods II, Sharpness II, and Sweeping Edge I
Lore A traditional weapon from a land much smaller than our own. The hilt is inscribed with unfamiliar, insect-like carvings.
Unlimited Power
Obtain Attic in one of the inn rooms in Fort Nimahj
Stats Bow with Mending and Power V
Steel Sword
Obtain Trade with Geraldo del Rivero in Fort Nimahj
Stats Iron Sword with Sharpness V and Unbreaking I
Silver Sword
Obtain Trade with Geraldo del Rivero in Fort Nimahj
Stats Iron Sword with Bane of Arthropods IV and Smite IV
Lorahn Sacrificial Blade
Obtain A chest on a shrine in the Lorahn'kahl region
Stats Stone Sword with Smite VI
Lore Found with the book Ancient Sacrament Presumably this is the shrine and blade used by necromancers to summon an army of unstable undead.
Coordinates -107 66 4802
The Immortal Slap Fish
Obtain A small sphere of ice in Casai, Alongside the Immortal Land Salmon
Stats Salmon (Item): Knockback III
Coordinates -2644 67 -1096
Obtain In the caverns under the thick forests west of Mael's Desolation. It's heavily guarded by Disciples of Dahr -- Drowned carrying Nautilus shells.
Stats Leather boots with Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Depth Strider III, and Unbreaking V
Coordinates 60 57 3830
Crest of Mekta
Obtain Trapped in ice on the top of a mountain in northeast Merijool
Stats Stone Sword with Mending, Sweeping Edge IV, and Unbreaking III
Coordinates -818 225 -1828
Greatsword of Artorihs
Obtain Kill Artorihs at [[Maerhn'Vhos]]
Stats low durability Diamond Sword with Unbreaking IV
Coordinates -2248, 118, -142
Armor of the Mother
Obtain Chest in the [[Birthing Grounds]]
Stats Full set of Golden Armor (Helmet, Chest, Pants, Boots) with Unbreakable and Fire Protection III
Coordinates -2384 79 5602

Other Unique Items

  • Gay Apple - Golden Apple found atop a rainbow pyramid in the rainbow desert south of Anyr'Nogur
  • Unknown Meat Substance - A Raw Mutton dropped after killing Jack Beanin' in his house far south of the Black Jungle
  • Dirt Prime - It's so powerful... trade 64 nether stars to Ohmswill in Tharxax City - easter egg, does not do anything
  • God's Brew - Unfathomably good beetroot soup. trade 64 emerald blocks and 64 diamond blocks to the Beetroot Merchant in Fort Nimahj - easter egg, does not do anything
  • Cat Toy - Fishing rod with Unbreaking X - found in Keehko's grave in Dusps "I wish I were me."
  • Webbed Rod - Fishing rod with Luck of the Sea I, Lure I, and Unbreaking I - found in the abandoned house in Mohta
  • Endless Catch - Fishing rod with Mending, and Unbreaking III - found under the chiseled stone bricks on the fountain garden in Okeke
  • Baby Meat - *Are you really going to eat that?.* A Raw Mutton found after killing a naturally-spawned Meat Baby in The Birthing Ground
  • nice - An easter egg paper found under the well in Fort Nimahj
  • Honey Roasted Potato - *An exquisite taste, unmatched by anything else... besides a normal baked potato, of course.* A baked potato that can be traded for 4 emeralds to get one to a Potato Connoisseur in Dusps
  • Half-and-Half Milk - *It'll give you some strong bones.* A potion that grants Speed V for 15 seconds. Dropped after killing Jack Beanin'
  • Defective Primal Catalyst - *This item has no use outside of decoration.* A sea lantern found in Sal'Mevir, [[The Exodus Citadel]], and The Lost Cavern
  • Aggression Elixir - An extremely dangerous potion obtainable by trading 64x Nether Warts and 1 Potion of Harming to avSYS Exchange Unit. The potion grants negative effects to the user (Bad Omen V for 10 minutes)
  • Totem of Dying - Voynahla, Aspect of Death, gave out these totems to their most dedicated followers . Idiots. A normal Totem of Undying found in the shrine of Voynahla in the northern side of Akhlo'Rohma
  • Ther Erldern Rirng - A ring that has no use, found on a stone structure in the shape of an anvil, between the Grand Pike Canyon and Highfall Tundra regions. The Description reads:

I derbt... yer cerld evern irmagirne irt. Thart whirch commarnderd ther starrrs... ...girving lirfe irts furllerst brilliarnce. Ther Erldern Rirng. Er, Erldern Rirng! Sharttered... by someorne, or somethirng. Dorn't terll mer yer dorn't ser irt. Loork urp art ther skyr! Irt burrrns...