Explorer's Guide

The book can be found in a small camp on the road between the Primal Caverns and The Village of Drabyel.

The Heartwood:

To the East, across the river, lies the dense and dangerous forest knownas the Heartwood. Come prepared both in mind and in equipment before journeying here.

Merijool Forest:

A serene autumnal peninsula filled with wildlife. Quite the trek from here. Consider stocking up on supplies before making the journey.


A gorgeous land of massive flowers with the crown jewel of Dusps at it's center. Also considerably far, and pillagers may guard the path. Come with weapons.

Palisades Heath:

Massive cliffs and deep fjords to the south across the Capital River. Bridges may or may not be in complete disrepair. A huge pillager camp lies along the road, perhaps with treasure fit for any adventurer.

Other Notes:

Roads in Drehmal are old and decrepit, fading out after some time. One is forced off the beaten path to survive.