Letter from Gohri

Letter from Gohri can be found in Mt. Yavhlix.

Dear Thresa,

My part of the plan is finished. Seeing as I am one of the few permitted to work on the code for avSYS, it was relatively easy compared to you and Vehmil's jobs.

As per your request, avSYS will now send individuals to both Sal'Mevir and here at the [[Exodus Citadel]] to gain more info... assuming the information within those locations is not lost to time.

I hope Vehmil's work is going well. Creating a whole temporal stasis network is hard work, especially while under the watch of Avsohm. Luckily, they trust me enough here where they won't look over my journal or personal belongings. I suppose it's nice to work here then... especially over that hellhole you have to deal with in Yavhlix.

I am afraid we will not get to meet before the end. If what you say is true (why shouldn't I - you've never lied to me once in the decades we've known each other), then... I think you know. How about, once this is all over, we can meet again? Before it happens, I mean. Just once your work is done. I don't know if they'll even let you leave Yavhlix, but if they do, that would be quite nice.

We're on opposite sides of the continent, but we can meet somewhere. Maybe in Fortahn? I don't know. We'll see, I guess.

Love, Gohri