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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia


2.1 Version


Av'Sal is a ruin located on an island in the Capital Valley region. It is currently occupied by Mihkmari/Illagers and serves as the first dungeon in the game.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: -236, 72, 1588

The Old Compass item found in Drabyel will point to this location.

Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
**Coordinates ** **Loot **
-229, 76, 1602 2x Bottle o' Enchanting
5x Carrot
5x Dark Oak Log
10x Wheat
-223, 80, 1608 1x Golden Apple
1x Bucket
4x String
13x Gunpowder
-250, 75, 1600 1x Music Disc (Cat)
3x Gold Ingot
1x Bread
2x Wheat
3x Coal
5x String
4x Gunpowder
-257, 78, 1611 1x Music Disc (11)
1x Leather Tunic
1x Wooden Sword
1x Wooden Pickaxe
3x Emeralds
5x Wheat Seeds
1x String
-238, 80, 1617 1x Crossbow
2x Bottle o' Enchanting
6x String
5x Dark Oak Log
7x Potato
3x Carrot
-248, 83, 1632 1x Chainmail Chestplate
6x Bone
5x Coal
3x Gunpowder
-225, 112, 1667 1x Leather Horse Armor
1x Leather Pants
1x Wooden Sword
1x Wooden Pickaxe
4x Emerald
7x Oak Planks
1x Bone
6x Wheat Seeds
1x Charcoal
-220, 147, 1645 10x Emerald
6x Iron Ingot
15x Iron Nugget
-217, 147, 1643 1x Enchanted Book (Feather Falling 4)
1x Emerald
16x Lapis Lazuli
5x Iron Ingot
3x Iron Nugget
8x Gold Nugget


Av'Sal was the capital of the Empire of Avsohm during Av2 from 1600 to 1820.


Two of the Mihkmari are named Ornstehn and Smouh, as a reference to a pair of bosses from the video game Dark Souls.

2.2 Version

Av'Sal was once Avsohm's great capital city. The city, located in the Capital Valley region, is now in ruins and occupied by Mihkmari. It serves as the first dungeon in the game. Av'Sal is composed of several districts linked by ruined bridges, and a central island with a new tower.