Moons of the Realm

This book can be found in Okeke.


Lorahn is the largest and most prominent moon in the night sky. During different parts of the year, Lorahn will change color and phases, and is what the calendar is based off of. Lorahn's orbital period is somewhat erratic, but typically spends more time visible in the sky than not. Lorahn is also the furthest moon, meaning telescopes or advanced magics cannot see its surface.


Loruhn is smaller than Lorahn and always visible. it's a rocky moon with a small atmosphere that absorbs energy from Torahn's light, giving it a permanent aurora borealis visible at night. Loruhn is always visible, both day and night.


Lo'Dahr is a small bright yellow moon that never moves. It is only visible during the night, hanging just above the Southern horizon. It is known to be the home of Drehmal's deities and their more ethereal forms, created by Dahr, one of the elder Aspects. There is a large fallen fragment of what is believed to be Lo'Dahr directly east of Dusps, and is a popular site for researchers or religious groups.