Southern Exploration

This book can be found in one of the buildings in Firteid.

Yesterday I decided to explore the southern Black Jungle and see the coastline. I had only seen it once before when my father was still with me, but... that aside, I started by taking my trusty steed and going directly south, avoiding the lava flows and magma pits. Once I reached the shore, I decided to go east - I plan on going west another time - and after traversing around a large volcano, I saw an island offshore. There were three of them, but the one that caught my eye was the southernmost and the smallest; atop its white and blue peak was what looked to be some sort of... monestary? There wasn't a path up there wand it was across dangerous ocean waters, so I couldn't properly explore the island. It had similar architecture to Firteid, but it was still distinctly different, unlike anything I had ever seen or heard of. I plan on returning with a boat and some climbing gear and documenting what I find there. Hopefully something interesting.