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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Mythical Weapons

Mythical weapons are the highest tier of weapon in Drehmal. They are the hardest to obtain, either through extended clues and puzzles or at the end of harder dungeons and bosses. Because of this, they are typically the strongest, unbreakable, and each comes with a unique special ability.


Calamity.webp Calamity
Stats Calamity deals 8 base damage, has 2.4 attack speed, gives the player 0.075 movement speed, takes 4 max hp (2 hearts), and is unbreakable.
Ability True Catastrophe: Hold crouch and then jump to channel the power of the Skullbeasts (switching weapons at any point during the charge will cancel the ability), releasing untold ruin upon foes. The player will slowly rise in the air before slamming down, bringing a flash of lightning with them. Cooldown: 60s
Lore No mortal has ever come close to slaying a Skullbeast, meaning the one deployed in the Desolation has long since died of natural causes. Ossein happened upon its remains, and became fanatically obsessed. They carved numerous weapons of immense strength from the calamitous skeleton, with these claws being the most powerful.
Obtain Defeat [[Skull Disciple Ossein]] in the epicenter Mael's Desolation


Frenzy.webp Frenzy
Stats Frenzy deals 11 base damage, has 2 attack speed, gives the player 0.04 movement speed, and takes 8 max hp (4 hearts)
Ability Fatal Rampage: Killing an enemy grants you a damage buff (3 damage per kill), stacking up to three times and lasting for ten seconds. Cooldown: 60s after the Rampage ends
Lore Many centuries ago, Sahd was a cruel, war-torn land where the grass was stained with blood. An incredibly powerful arcanist channeled all of Sahd's rage into a single catalyst; Frenzy. Fueled by the power of generations of bloodshed, this blade will rip and tear through everything in the realm.
Obtain Find the 5 missing Fragments of the weapon scattered across the island of [[Sahd]] and drop them in the Forge near the volcano on the island.
Fragment Location Guide
Fragment Location
Fragment of Fury Found in a building on one of the islands off of the eastern coast of the main island
Fragment of Hate Found in the building by the docks in the city
Fragment of Pain Found in the Emperor's Estate
Fragment of Rage Found in a small shrine in the mountains to the west, not too far from the forge
Fragment of Wrath In the southern part of the swamp, there is an orange ring with signs that read the riddle of "I can feed you, I can be valuable, I give protection, I grant life, Toss me into the orange ring." Toss a golden apple into the ring to get the chest with this fragment.
Forge Found in the mountains to the north, in a building over lava. Throw all 5 fragments into the forge to get the Frenzy
Bell Shrine Signs reading, "If a fragment or one's hope is lost, toss a Nether Star beneath a bell to receive the missing fragment." This is only suggested if you discord or otherwise lose a fragment.


Oblivion.webp Oblivion
Stats Oblivion deals 13 base damage, has 1.2 attack speed, gives the player 0.03 movement speed, and is obtained with Sweeping Edge IX
Ability Force of Nothing: Press your drop item key to pick up enemies (move them with your cursor) and drain their life force. Press shift to launch held foes. Cooldown: 35s
Lore To be the creator of everything, one has to be the creator of nothing. The existence of true oblivion is one of the few things we cannot hope to comprehend.
Obtain Follow the "quest" that begins under the City of Tides to the end of the cave of Nothing under Mt. Yavhlix
Quest Guide

Suggested Items: Potions of Night Vision, Food, Weapons, General Adventuring Items

Enter the Palace Staff Quarters in the Tidal Palace in Firteid, and continue until the sign that says DANGER! Malfunctioning elevator and chasm. Break through and drop down the chasm, ladders and/or water bucket suggested. At the bottom is a nearly pitch black tunnel filled with monsters, fight through and follow it to the end - a room with a chest. Inside this chest will be the Compass of Nihility, which points north from this spot.

If you have the tower, teleport to The Frozen Bite, if not, follow the compass from whichever tower you have that is most north east on your map. The compass leads to an abandoned house with a few mobs and spawners. Search the house thoroughly for lore books, other unique items, and specifically a chest with Nihilist's Notes. Make sure to take a copy, and head to Mt. Yavhlix as mentioned in the notes.

If you've been to the doors before, the location the notes refers to is slightly south west of the doors, and marked with a stone pillar with a sea lantern on top. Throw a copy of the Nihilist's Notes onto the black concrete which opens a hole. Jump down and you will be met with a dark labyrinth. You can mine through some walls, but the labyrinth is solvable and leads to a chest with Oblivion.


Ascendance.webp Ascendance
Stats Ascendance deals 16 base damage, has 1 attack speed, takes 0.02 movement speed, grants 50% knockback resistance, and gives 6 max hp (3 hearts)
Ability Holy Moonlight: Press your drop item key to fire an armor-piercing wave of weakening moonlight. Cooldown: 20s
Lore The ultimate goal of the Tri-Moon Theocracy was to form a strong connection with the moon of Lo'Dahr, home of the deities. This blade was the crux of that plan and can channel the power of the divine moon itself.
Obtain Solve the riddle in the [[Moonlight Sanctum]] which is hidden somewhere in Lorahn'Kahl
Dungeon Guide

Suggested Items: Armor, Shield, Ranged Weapon, Building Blocks, Bed to set respawn, Food for healing

Once you enter the [[Moonlight Sanctum]] you will be inflicted with mining fatigue. Find a tower with a door and button, enter, and kill the Undead Theocracy Archers. Once the room is clear, look below at the floor and shoot through the holes to kill the Elder Guardian. Repeat for the remaining 2 towers, 3 in total. Once the Elder Guardians are dead, head to the bridge and press the button:

[Ascendant Voice] Elders slain. Magic ward lifted.

Before you head down the bridge, there is a trapped chest in the center of the cave. You can now break through and retrieve the paper named Ancient Theocracy Rites.

Continue down the bridge and break the glass to continue into the next room. You will be met with a sign that says THE FIRST OF EACH RITE IS THE WAY TO THE LIGHT. Refer to the Ancient Theocracy Rites and the first letter of each line. Line up the arrows to match and the puzzle is solved.


Malevolentia.webp Malevolentia
Stats Malevolentia deals 17 base damage, has 0.8 attack speed, takes 0.04 movement speed, grants 100% knockback resistance, gives 14 max hp (7 hearts), and is obtained with Fire Aspect IV
Ability Burnt Aegis: Hold down crouch to deploy a projectile deflecting flame shield. Cooldown: 25s after the ability ends
Lore Mael cast aside this mythological weapon after Virtuo went dormant. It is said that he had lost his purpose and abandoned his palace, perhaps residing with the other deities upon Lo'Dahr.
Obtain Underneath the [[Burnt Palace]], in the Hellcrags. Guarded by the Burnt General.


Mythbreaker.webp Mythbreaker
Stats Mythbreaker deals 30 base damage, has 0.7 attack speed, takes 4 max hp (2 hearts), and is obtained with Sharpness X
Ability Timebreak: Hold down crouch to defy time, greatly slowing all enemies within range. Cooldown: 45s after the ability ends
Lore The Heart calls for a new beginning, the Crown cries for a change of hands. Treat this primordial blade as a reminder that He must be usurped, that He controls your destiny.
Obtain Complete the postgame quest.