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Spearhead Forest



Spearhead Forest is a vast region consisting of 3 main areas, the inner lowland thick forests, where the grass is a darker paler shade of green, and the land is more densely filled with trees, and the outer highlands, still mostly forested, but trees are much less dense and the grass is a more vibrant and lighter shade of green. Then there is the Shattered Peninsula, which is a few islands on the eastern coast of the region, combining the dense forest and grass color of the lowland forests, with much clearer mountains straddling the coasts of the islands. Lakes and bays of this region also have over-sized lilypads and water flowers, though not to the same quantity or scale of the flowers of Akhlo'Rohma.

Regions bordering Spearhead Forest include:

Notable Locations


The Spearhead Forest tower stands on top of a cliffed coast.

In the Lore

The Spearhead Forest is a huge coniferous forest of tall, spear-shaped trees, cold waters, snow-capped mountains, and flowered plains. It served as the primary place for refugees from the west after the fall of Avsohm. It also served as the birthplace of the Order of Insohm, and location of their capital. Even though Avsohm’s destruction was millennia ago, the forest remains to be the most diverse area in all of Drehmal because of the sheer number of descendents from the refugees. In the modern day, the forest is ruled by three nations; the Province of Vir (the largest of the three), the Dukedom of Thrasuhnd, and the Insohmic Commonwealth. Since the collapse of the Order, the Insohmic Commonwealth has gone from the political center of the realm to a kingdom on-par with those around it. Despite Spearhead’s diversity, it remains among the most peaceful areas in Drehmal. Many focus on art here, either through painting, theater, sculpting, or architecture. Those who aren’t talented in the arts will most likely be fishermen or lumberjacks.