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The Timeline of Drehmal: Primordial is organized in four Avihms, each one starting and ending with an important event (except for the Fourth Avihm, which is the current one and still hasn't ended yet).

The First Avihm

Little is known about the First Avihm. It is clear that it ended with the destruction of the world and the Primal Tree, and the birth of The Three Deities. Some of the structures on the map are thought to date from this period, such as the dark pyramid under Castle Scarstone.

The Second Avihm (1820 years)

Before Civilization After the destruction of the world from the First Avihm, the Primal Tree is split into three deities; Drehmal, the Final Aspect; Maelihs, God of Chaos, Conflict, and Corruption; and Virtuo, Goddess of Peace, Purity, and Perfection.

  • Year 5 - Creation of the new land is completed; named Drehmal
  • Year 10 - The Drehmari begin to form primitive tribes around the land
  • Year 16 - Virtuo creates the first Virmari out of Drehmari
  • Year 21 - Out of jealousy, Maelihs captures Virmari and turns them into the first Maelmari
  • Year 100 - Virtuo sees that Maelihs has spread the impure Maelmari across the west and is appalled. She then sends Virmari to attack and slay any Maelmari they see. A war between Gods begins.
  • Year 1000 - The war between Maelihs and Virtuo concludes with a stalemate. The deities go off to regain their strength on the Ascendant Moon, Lo’Dahr.

Early Civilization Civilizations are free to grow now that the war between deities is over.

  • Year 1280 - The Chosen Kingdom is created after a conflict between four city states in the central plains.
  • Year 1376 - The Tide Queen, a woman with unlimited potentia, binds together the lawless Black Jungle to form the Tidal Dynasty.
  • Year 1500 - Drehn Mal’sohm is born in the Chosen Kingdom to the current ruler, Rohdirk Mal’sohm.
  • Year 1522 - Rohdirk Mal’sohm is assassinated. Drehn refuses to inherit the crown because of political corruption, influence from the wealthy, and more.
  • Year 1535 - Drehn Mal’sohm finally accepts his rule as Emperor after gaining a huge following. He then reforms the kingdom into the Avsohmic Empire, with a goal to unite the continent and be better prepared for another war with the deities.
  • Year 1543 - Drabyel blocks trade routes to flex its power and to try to regain its position as capital. Drehn goes on a mission to ease tensions. At the same time, the Avsohmic Empire discovers a strange energy source beneath Mt. Yavhlix in their northern territories.
  • Year 1546 - The Tharhan Empire becomes the first kingdom to fall under the Avsohmic flag.
  • Year 1581 - Maelihs resumes activity in hopes to regain lost territory. Virtuo returns as well and begins converting Drehmari into Virmari again.
  • Year 1600 - Drehn Mal’sohm celebrates his 100th birthday. Conveniently, the new capital that was discussed in the Drabyel v. Avsohm disputes is completed. It is named Av’sal.
  • Year 1615 - Avsohmic scientists develop highly advanced technology after the discovery of powerful, high-potentia crystals.
  • Year 1632 - Survey drones discover that the energy source beneath Mt. Yavhlix is much more powerful than previously thought and could be used to power Avsohm’s new technology. They are unable to expand the mining operation, however, because of the Frostfang Tribes.
  • Year 1646 - A general orders an attack on the Frostfang Tribes and is immediately exiled by the order of Drehn Mal’sohm. Homli Tahsgan, an unlimited-potentia Drehmari in the tribes, freezes the entire north, becoming known as the Frostfang Catastrophe. With the north now inhabitable, secret research on the mountain may begin.
  • Year 1687 - Drehn Mal’sohm dies after contracting a plague, becoming known as Founder’s Death. Chaos ensues in the empire without a leader. Yavhlix construction is halted.

Avsohmic Dark Ages With the death of Drehn Mal’sohm, the ideals he once upheld become forgotten.

  • Year 1695 - Zorhis Ifeihl becomes the new Avsohmic Emperor.
  • Year 1717 - The first of many small skirmishes with Maelihs’ forces begin at the southwestern border.
  • Year 1761 - Ifeihl steps down as emperor after many military failures; the loss of many lives with Maelihs skirmishes, inability to deal with an ongoing necromancy issue, and enlisting commoners to fight a growing undead horde. Uffhiel Anyr, a masterful general, takes his place.
  • Year 1765 - Maelihs sends a small portion of his army to engage in battle at the edge of his outer sanctum. Emperor Anyr immediately responds by ordering structure of a huge military complex in the Golden Canyon, a few days north of Maelihs’ domain. The complex is built over the spiritual city of Sal’Iloh.
  • Year 1780 - Gradual buildup of troops at the new military complex named Sal’Anyr. Unease grows across the empire as Maelihs has not made any attacks since 1765.
  • Year 1812 - Yavhlix researchers finally discover the source of the energy beneath the mountain. It is a portal of some sort.
  • Year 1817 - All contact with Yavhlix lost after madness strikes the facility.
  • Year 1820 - Avsohm falls after a huge number of government officials mysteriously vanish. 80% of Avsohm’s military disappears. All that is left are holes in government buildings. Maelihs launches an attack on Sal’Anyr, deploying the Skullmother and his airships for the first time. The city-stronghold falls within a day, marking the beginning of the Dune Wars and the end of the Second Avihm.

The Third Avihm (roughly 1120 years)

A Lawless World Without the Avsohmic Empire, the world falls into chaos and Maelihs invades the continent.

  • Year 1 - Maelihs deploys himself on the front lines to fight the resistance.
  • Year 9 - Small squadron of Drehmari infiltrate Sal’Anyr to gain intel on Mael’s plans and discover that he is planning a complete desolation of the Heartwood Peninsula. Meanwhile, the primary forces advance into the desert in an attempt to take back Sal’Anyr by force.
  • Year 10 - The Mother is deployed for the second time. Sails over the land to the East near the Eye of Virtuo, where it decimates over three-fourths of the Heartwood and deploys another Skullbeast to ravage the land. Virtuo withdraws the Virmari to counter the attack. The destruction becomes known as Mael’s Desolation.
  • Year 21 - Maelihs’ conquest of the West is easy after the complete evacuation of the Casai Peninsula and the praising of Mael’s war culture in Merijool. Mael revels in the fact that he now controls the entirety of Western Drehmal. He does not push further over fears of angering Drehmal.
  • Year 72 - The Verdant Mistress, an unlimited-potentia Drehmari, constructs a massive ever-moving mountain range, the Verdant Labyrinth, to protect the East from invasion.
  • Year 100 - Maelihs sends outrider parties to cause chaos in the weakened Drehmari kingdoms. Kingdoms become more militaristic in response.
  • Year 125 - The ironically named Peace Wars begin between the kingdoms due to disagreements on how the outriders should be dealt with.
  • Year 150 - Maelihs finishes construction of a legion to invade the East and is forced to go through the Verdant Labyrinth. He fails, then goes on to attack a nearby city in anger.
  • Year 560 - After centuries of war, [[Hovadchear Myrik and Ultva Utofahl]] found the [[Order of Insohm]], a different approach to the ways of the Avsohmic Empire. It is constructed more as a loose union rather than an empire with one source of law. Many kingdoms join the Order in hopes that they will regain their strength through unity.

The Order of Insohm With the newly-created Order of Insohm, the people of Drehmal gain hope to take back the West and defeat Maelihs.

  • Year 566 - Virtuo endorses Insohm, claims position as their patron.
  • Year 572 - Maelihs attempts to push into the central plains but is stopped by the newly-formed Insohmic Crusaders
  • Year 576 - The Insohmic Trade wars begin after powerful trade companies attempt to influence the government and are punished with tariffs. The companies hire mercenaries to cause chaos.
  • Year 582 - Ultva and Hovadchear, founders of the Order, are ambushed by mercenaries backed by trade companies, but manage to escape relatively unscathed. The Order begins a full-force campaign to dismantle the trade companies.
  • Year 591 - Insohm forms the Trader’s Guild after the last few remaining leaders of the trade companies surrender. An economic depression reaches its lowest point.
  • Year 596 - Many nations attempt to leave the Order in wake of the Trade Wars. A civil war within the Order begins.
  • Year 606 - A loyalist airship passes over the Tidal Dynasty, which the Tide Queen believes to be an act of war. She orders an invasion of a loyalist nation and soldiers begin ransacking villages.
  • Year 610 - Separatists nations are defeated after the combined effort of the Insohmic Crusaders and rebels within the nations.
  • Year 612 - The Insohmic Council pleads with Virtuo for her to send the Virmari out to aid in a campaign to take back the West, but they are unable due to the Tidal Dynasty’s control over the area and their shattered relations. The Council begins investigating the Tidal Dynasty after the atrocities they committed during the Civil War.
  • Year 620 - An earthquake in deep Faehrcyle uncovers the long-forgotten Yavhlix facility. A group of explorers go in and all but one go missing. The Order immediately locks down the site and forbids entry. A week later, the Tidal Coup takes place, and the Tide Queen is assassinated with her palace burnt to the ground.
  • Year 621 - The Order of Insohm pushes in to begin negotiations with the Tidal Dynasty. Negotiations fail, and the Tidal War begins.
  • Year 624 - The Tidal War reaches its height when the Insohmic Crusaders manage to capture the Gozak coast and the Kiln island. Maelihs attacks and sends a Skullbeast to the southern Black Jungle.
  • Year 626 - Maelihs launches a direct attack on the Kiln. Insohm and the Tidal Dynasty are forced to join together against a common evil. Virmari from around the world begin forming together and moving to the Kiln.
  • Year 628 - Maelihs lands himself on the Kiln and with a legion of Maelmari, fights his way into Virtuo’s sanctum. Virtuo, for the first time in millenia, leaves her sanctum to directly confront Mael. He wins in a direct battle but leaves before finishing the job. His legions are called back. The conflict becomes known as the Battle of Divinity.
  • Year 629 - Calls to end the Tidal War come from both sides after the severe loss of lives from both the war and Mael’s attacks. The Order attempts to negotiate with the Dynasty again. The Dynasty agrees to call off the war and begin proper discussion.
  • Year 630 - A conclusion is reached between the two sides; Virtuo’s Strait becomes an open-border trade zone and the Kiln becomes a neutral territory that is controlled by a small Virmari led government. The Dynasty is renamed to the Tidal Republic and establishes a pseudo-democratic government in the region.
  • Year 639 - The Order agrees to begin reconquering of the West now that the Tidal War and the people of Insohm have fully recovered.

The Battle for Drehmal Now that the Order of Insohm has fully recovered from the countless wars it has been in, it is time for Drehmal to be taken back from Maelihs.

  • Year 643 - The long and brutal Battle for Drehmal begins. It is by far the largest military operation in the Third Avihm, and involves more people than any war before it, besides the deity war.
  • Year 651 - The Battle for Drehmal is put to a halt as Mael’s generals have begun building up a huge legion of Maelmari at the ruins of Caer Adacia, an Avsohmic city that stands at the mountain pass that connects the northwest to the central west.
  • Year 655 - Ultva theorizes that the incredibly powerful weapons utilized by the Avsohmic Empire could possibly be remade if the blueprints and materials were found. The Insohmic Council begin debates as to how to handle research on the four sites that are designated as having important Avsohmic facilities; Av’sal, an unnamed vault in Casai, the ruined city of Sal'Mevir, and the ruins beneath Yavhlix. The council is hesitant towards Yavhlix as whatever’s in the ruins caused a Councilmember and Crusaders to go missing.

The Fourth Avihm (ongoing)

A World Without Purpose The West is finally taken back from the god of chaos, but the Order of Insohm has fallen more than a century after. Maelihs has placed himself into exile, leaving his generals to take over operations. Virtuo has gone dormant, abandoning her followers. Drehmal continues to slumber in the wake of an impending apocalypse.

  • Year 100 - A group of Drehmari wake up in an ancient Avsohmic stasis facility.