Old Mossfield

This book can be found in the Mossfield Library.

Mossfield, the quaint seaside village you see today, was once a bastion of hope for all Drehmari. Originally constructed as a port city for an old kingdom, Mossfield was small and unimportant. It quickly grew in size, and when powerful trade companies utilized airship technology, it allowed the city to rapidly grow. Within a decade, it became the most populated city within the Spearhead regions. Because of this, it was chosen as the capital of the Order of Insohm. Once more kingdoms began to join the Order, Mossfield grew even larger, and became the largest city in known Drehmari history. It became a center of wealth and knowledge, art and writing, industry and trade. It truly was the crown jewel of the Third Avihm.

Unfortunately, riots ensued after relations within the Order grew unstable. These riots were especially volatile in Mossfield with its incredibly diverse population. The city is nothing but rubble now, with the only remaining structure being the Library of the Insohmic Council.

The ruins lie east of here, up the hills, and serve as a reminder of what once was.