Curious Cavern

This book can be found in Highfall.

During a trip to the coast of Akhlo'Rohma, we took a slight detour to go sightseeing and maybe grab some refreshments from a local tavern. But, one of our mules ran off the path with some of our supplies, so we had to chase after it.

We didn't find the fella, but we found a cavern... no ordinary cavern, however It had six orbs of light floating above small quartz pillars outside its maw. Were these Primal Catalysts? The energy capacitors used by the Avsohmic Empire millenia ago?

We unfortunately did not have the tools to safely carry these Catalysts and we needed to head back anyway because our mule, Jemf, had some important things on him that we really needed.

I plan on returning there, so I have the directions written down and memorized for the future. Travel west along the great river that begins at the Veruhkt Plateau, cutting through Akhlo'Rohma. On the northern side of the river, where the white flowers grow, are gray peaks that protect Akhlo'Rohma from the blizzards of Faehrcyle. Right before the river meets the ocean are two valleys that touch the gray mountains. The valley with the colored cliffs on its eastern side is the one with the cave, at the base of the mountains.