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Palisades Heath



Palisades Heath is a central region that is composed mostly of steep cliffs, elevated plains, and rugged highlands bordering the large western mountain range. Three rivers run through the region, all flowing from the western mountains to the Mouth of Drehmal, one river at the northern border, one splitting the two main shelves of land in the region apart, and the third at the southern border.

Regions bordering Palisades Heath include:

In the Lore

The Heath is an array of rough cliffs, steep drops, and grand fjords. Despite being towards the southern end of the continent, the Heath is quite frigid because of its height.  It has been home to a few nations in the past, but they have always struggled due to how shattered and difficult to traverse the region is. Only one kingdom remains; the Tahva Earldom. The Earldom enforces a strong navy and uses it to conduct raids along the coasts of the Mouth of Drehmal (an inland sea). Tahva is considered a blight that should be pulled out from its roots, and thus many nations in the region have waged war against the Earldom. The people of Tahva themselves are strong warriors with a natural affinity for navigation and the ocean. Many merchants and traders also have stakes in Tahva because of its geopolitical importance - a gateway between the central plains and the west.



The Palisades Heath tower lies inside a massive crater.