History of the Tidal Dynasty

This book can be found in the Firteid Libary.

The Black Jungle; a lawless land, plunged into chaos after the fall of the Empire of Vir, sought a ruler strong enough to bind together the region. The Tide Queen, whose real name is unknown, seized this opportunity to create the Tidal Dynasty and conquer all of the Jungle. It was soon discovered that she held unlimited potentia. She would use this ability to make herself immortal, immediately regenerating all wounds and eradicating all of her own diseases. She quickly grew paranoid of her own death, despite her natural advantages. The Dynasty then established rigorous defensive measures and a totalitarian dictatorship to further protect the Queen. This came with a massive military which she used to expand the Dynasty's territory further. This incited war with Gozak, which ended with the Dynasty controlling Gozak's eastern coasts. Avsohm, nearing its peak, attempted to conquer the Dynasty, but failed due to the steep mountains in the north and the treacherous Black Jungle itself. The Queen then ordered a state of isolation in Av2 1569. In the next two decades, the re-emergance of Virtuo frightened the Queen, as she believed that it would threaten and weaken her rule. She then declared herself a devout follower of the Goddess of Purity. The Queen decides that the best way to keep her position is to twist the public's view on Virtuo by greatly limiting who is allowed to the Goddess' Kiln. The Queen commited many atrocities during this time, the most notable being a mass genocide against those that the Queen deemed too "impure" in Virtuo's eyes. Virtuo grew afraid of acting out against the Dynasty because of the possibility of a great war, resulting in more casualties than necessary. When Avsohm created their survey drones, the Tide Queen ordered that they are to be destroyed on sight, allowing her to continue her reign of terror. The Tidal Dynasty would obviously suffer during early Av3, with the lack of a central power in Avsohm, the destruction of the southern Heartwood, and Mael's invasion of the Verdant Labyrinth. After this time, the Queen's confidence grew tremendously, with her possibly being the greatest swordfighter in Drehmal's history after centuries of training. The Queen ordered the ending of their isolationist policy in the Av3 436 as she was finally confident in her ability to defend herself. In Av3 612, the Order of Insohm learned of the many atrocities commited by the Tide Queen and her unfair, unjust rule over the Black Jungle. Hovadchear Myrik assembled a team of mercenaries (whose names will not be mentioned) to assassinate the Tide Queen. They were successful with the aid of Virtuo and advanced combat techniques. With the Tide Queen gone, the Order pushed in to improve relations with the Dynasty, but this of course led to the Tidal War, the largest conflict the realm had seen since the Dune Wars.