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Emperor's Estate


The emperor's estate, now abandoned, is located on the island of Sahd.

It is mentioned in the book Sahd's Bloodshed.

Two graves can be found in a central courtyard:

  • DomeMaster - Imperial ARCHitect - Bless this gROUND
  • Yllusive - Great engineer - They never found the body


Coordinates Loot
5098, 148, 6285 1x Chainmail Chestplate
2x Lead
1x Redstone Dust
1x String
6x Coal
6x Gunpowder
8x Rotten Flesh
5093, 145, 6297 1x Potion (Regeneration, 0:45)
5093, 145, 6299 1x Potion (Strength, 3:00)
5099, 158, 6314 7x Emerald
1x Diamond
1x Iron Sword
3x Baked Potato
5x Block of Quartz
7x Pink Dye
5101, 149, 6315 1x Book and Quill (Scribbled Notes)
2x Lead
4x Gold Ingot
2x Coal
3x Gunpowder
4x Rotten Flesh
4x Melon Seeds
5139, 148, 6300 5x Emerald
1x Iron Axe
3x Nether Quartz
2x Baked Potato
6x Pink Dye
5117, 160, 6316 2x Golden Apple
8x Gunpowder
7x Rotten Flesh
4x Melon Seeds
2x Beetroot Seeds
2x Pumpkin Seeds
5117, 160, 6322 1x Name Tag
1x Bucket
2x Gold Ingot
13x Gunpowder
2x Bread
5117, 160, 6328 1x Lead
1x Bread
3x Wheat
12x Bone
8x Rotten Flesh
5101, 155, 6331 1x Emerald
9x Lapis Lazuli
9x Iron Ingot
6x Gold Nugget
5099, 160, 6333 10x Emerald
1x Iron Sword
1x Iron Axe
1x Iron Shovel
2x Golden Carrot
2x Poisonous Potato
6x Block of Quartz
6x Pink Dye
5119, 148, 6323 1x Enchanted Book (Sharpness 3)
1x Compass
3x Book
26x Paper
5115, 150, 6338
5116, 150, 6338
2x Music Disc (13)
1x Diamond Hoe
4x Gold Ingot
17x Gunpowder
1x Bread
4x Rotten Flesh
5118, 158, 6350 1x Book and Quill (Servant's Journal)
1x Bread
4x Wheat
2x Coal
8x String
3x Gunpowder
2x Rotten Flesh
5131, 153, 6339 6x Emerald
5x Lapis Lazuli
6x Iron Ingot
10x Iron Nugget
4x Gold Nugget
5146, 148, 6326 1x Bottle o' Enchanting
4x Lapis Lazuli
4x Iron Ingot
4x Iron Nugget
5x Gold Ingot
5142, 149, 6329 2x Iron Shovel
1x Bread
1x Coal
5x Stick
5143, 147, 6329 1x Iron Helmet
3x Iron Ingot
7x Bread
5139, 149, 6329
5140, 149, 6329
1x Iron Pickaxe
1x Iron Helmet
1x Iron Leggings
1x Iron Boots
1x Iron Horse Armor
1x Saddle
1x Iron Ingot
3x Gold Ingot
3x Obsidian
5x Bread
2x Apple
5083, 168, 6419 9x Emerald
1x Enchanted Book (Mending)
1x Iron Axe
1x Golden Apple
1x Golden Carrot
4x Pink Dye
5096, 194, 6416 1x Paper (Cursed Paper)
5099, 196, 6414 1x Book and Quill (Cursed Revelation)
7x Book
1x Empty Map
11x Paper
5132, 148, 6285 1x Book and Quill (Crumpled Notes)
1x Diamond Chestplate
1x Bucket
4x Redstone Dust
1x Bread
1x Wheat
13x Bone
4x Rotten Flesh
5126, 154, 6293 2x Emerald
1x Diamond
7x Iron Ingot
12x Iron Nugget
5117, 164, 6306 3x Emerald
7x Lapis Lazuli
7x Iron Ingot
8x Iron Nugget
5104, 177, 6323 1x Blaze Powder (Fragment of Pain)
Cursed Paper reads

They've breached the entrance. I can't safely leave so I'll be hiding the fragment within the estate. Atop the chandelier in the great hall - nobody would think to climb up there.