Man's Diary

This book can be found in a tent on the western coast in a forest between Akhlo'rohma and the Faehrcyle region.

Day 3,

I do not know when the infection will take hold. My hand's turned a sickly green and begun to rot. I tremble at the sight of it. I never should have travelled to [[Lorahn'Kahl Region|Lorahn'Kahl]]. I should've stayed in Dusps. That necromancer cursed me with this... disease, turning me into an undead. I keep telling myself that I should have allowed myself to be executed back in Dusps but I couldn't let my children see that. I do not know if going out here into the wilderness was the better alternative, but... at least I don't have a risk of hurting others.

Day 6,

The infection seems to be progressing. My entire forearm is rotting now. The stench is horrid. I can't even use the hand anymore. Can't really chop a tree with one hand, nor can I bring in the fishnet. Seems like I might starve out here before I turn.

Day 10,

It's spread to my heart. I can't think straight. I haven't eaten in days but I'm so... so hungry. I tried eating my rotting arm but I couldn't bring myself to it. I should have just stayed in Dusps, had a quiet execution, and had a proper burial. This is hell.