The Frostfang Catastrophe

This book can be found in Okeke.

The Frostfang Catastrophe, the single greatest ecological disaster in the realm's history, has had a lasting effect on the continent as a whole. During Av2 1646, General Hehvlar of the Avsohmic Empire ordered an attack on the Frostfang Tribes which were defending their homeland. Homli Tahsgan, leader of the tribes, had managed to gain the powers of unlimited potentia and used it to repel Avsohm's armies. Unfortunately, the spell backfired, and cast a great storm over the entire north. Faehrcyle, a once cold plain, became an inhospitable frozen wasteland. Highfall went from the greatest city in the realm to a collection of slums at the edge of the world. Casai was once a lush steppe but now it was a dry, cold desert. Merijool - our land! - a great rainforest, among the likes of Lorahn'Kahl and the Black Jungle, lost its history and culture when the people of the region had to adapt to the new, much colder climate.

The Frostfang Catastrophe will never be forgotten. Even though General Hehlvar was court marshalled at the order of Drehn Mal'sohm, it will never be forgotten. Avsohm pushed forward in spite of the great blizzards and continued their research in the depths of some northern mountain.

Homli Tahsgan is dead now, resting somewhere in the frigid plains of southern Faehrcyle. The Frostfang Tribes, which once spread far, have been hunted down to extinction because of what they did. But it was not them. It was Avsohm that incited the violence. It was Avsohm that used the catastrophe to their advantage.

Kehf'ml toth Avsohm.