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This region mainly consists of massive snow plains. Frozen lakes and lava lakes can be found throughout the region. Massive roots are also found protruding from the ground.

Regions bordering Faehrcyle include:


The Faehrcyle tower

In the Lore

Before the Frostfang Catastrophe of Av2, Faehrcyle was a moderately cold plain with a couple of trade cities. The Frostfang Tribes were the most prominent people of the region and were hunter gatherers who worshipped Loeleyhn the Avalanche, Aspect of Snow. In Av2, Avsohm moved in to begin mining operations in Mt. Yavhlix to discover a mysterious energy at the mountain’s heart. Tensions rose between the Tribes and Avsohm until it came to a peak when Homli Tahsgan, a man with unlimited potentia, froze the north, becoming known as the Frostfang Catastrophe. Faehrcyle became a barren, snowy wasteland. The Frostfang Tribes went into hiding or abandoned their ways to live elsewhere. Today, there are two dominant peoples that inhabit Faehrcyle - in the west is the weak Duchy of Hishrin, and in the east are unnamed nomadic tribes. These tribes worship the deceased Tethlaen, Aspect of Fear, who was said to have flown too far north into the unknown and never returned. For this reason, their culture revolves around the fear of the unknownable and forbidden knowledge. The Frostfang Tribes still exist to this day and worship Homli Tahsgan, but there are very few of them left.