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Primal Caverns


The Primal Caverns, also known as the Chamber of Dreams, is the resting place of Drehmal. The cavern is located in the Capital Valley region, just northeast of the Origin, where the player spawns.

**Coordinates ** **Loot **
882, 66, 486 1x Book and Quill(Journal of a Devotee)
853, 66, 488 1x Emerald
1x Leather Horse Armor
1x Leather Cap
1x Wooden Sword
1x Wooden Shovel
5x Wheat
12x Rotten Flesh
4x Oak Log
3x Oak Sapling
868, 66, 469 64x Compass(Snake Ornamented Compass)
6x Emerald
2x Coal
2x Oak Log
4x Wheat Seeds
1x Oak Sapling

Stepping into the Primal Caverns grants the advancement "Chamber of Dreams."