The Insohmic Civil War

This book can be found in Highfall.

The Order of Insohm was as much of a blessing as it was a curse. It was an unstable, imperfect union of nations. Before the Battle of Drehmal (when Insohm went on to reclaim the land lost to Maelihs in the Dune Wars over 900 years ago), the greatest threat to this flawed Order was the Insohmic Civil War, when separatist nations attempted to leave Insohm.

The civil war started in Av3 600, when civilian militias were slaughtered by separatist militaries. This became known as the 600th Massacre, named after the year it took place. The Order immediately declared war against these separatist nations, being the Kingdom of Dusps, Highfall, and the remnants of old Faehrcylian tribes. The loyalists were the Provinces of Vir, the Federation of Faehrcylian Kingdoms, the Gozak Union, and of course, the Insohmic Commonwealth.

Raids from airships commenced. During these air battles, a loyalist ship passed over the Tidal Dynasty, which the Tide Queen saw as an act of war. Thus, the Dynasty became a third party in a civil war. The Tidal Dynasty was pushed out after a devastating defeat in Av3 609 at the Gozaki city of Kozdan. The loyalists gain confidence and moved on to siege Highfall, and succeeded in Av3 610. Finally, the war came to an end in Av3 611 when the loyalists pushed deep into Dusps territory and captured the city of Sahvoltha. Dusps surrendered and the Federation followed suit.

While this war was relatively short compared to the realms other great wars - the Dune Wars, the Insohmic Trade Wars, the Tidal War (which began shortly after the end of the Insohmic Civil War), etc. This war in particular had a great impact on Insohm as a whole and where they were headed. The Order would only ever be at peace for a decade maximum before another war started.

Insohm only worsened as time went on; despite their great deeds in the Battle for Drehmal, they were infested with greedy politicians and corrupt leaders. With the disappearance of Castle Hovadchear, the Order's capitol, in Av3 847... the Order truly died then and there. It disbanded, the nations going their own separate ways.

We thank Insohm for what they've done, but we must remember the many wrongdoings they've commited.