Expedition Notes

This book can be found in a Faehrcyle Gatehouse on the road from Highfall.

Day 16

We found this old decrepit gatehouse which I assume was for keeping Faehrcylian barbarians out of Highfall... not like the people of Highfall aren't barbarians themselves. This will be a great resting point before we continue our travels.

Day 20

This cursed blizzard won't let up. We've been trapped in this old ruin for days. Terthe, the geographical expert of the group, says that Faehrcylian storms are infrequent and cannot be properly tracked. She says she cannot predict when the clouds will clear. I just want to continue, damnit. I want to find out what's out there. Maybe uncover some ancient Avsohmic ruins? Who knows.

Day 27

The blizzard has finally cleared and our food supplies are low, but Terthe says that Faehrcyle is filled with game. As long as we're able to make rudementary hunting tools, we'll be fine. Furthnehn, the youngest of the group, is beginning to doubt the mission. He wants to go back home to Mossfield where it's safer and not freezing cold. Poor kid. If only he understood how unexplored the vast snowy wastes are. Who knows what we could find? We could be rich!