Islands of the Realm

This book can be found in Highfall.

There are many islands across the entire realm, dotting the oceans, visible from the coastlines. Yet, there exists a pair of twin islands, far out of sight and lied undiscovered for many centuries. The Islands of Dusk and Dawn, discovered in Av3 298, being a staple in an age of rediscovery and learning. These islands, far to the north of Casai and Merijool, feature stunning purple grass and crimson trees. Interspersed through the branches and soil are massive crystals, which are used to create various magical items. The Island of Dusk in the west is the more overgrown of the two, and has yet to succumb to the intense 'crystal infection' that plagues its sibling. The Island of Dawn is much more sparse of wildlife, with the most dominant form of it being mushrooms. Some say there exists a secret third island, to the south of the Black Jungle (the land even further south than Mossfield!). The tree in the town center is supposedly from this fabled land and was gifted to us millenia ago when Highfall was still a powerful capital of trade and commerce.