Ancient Diary

This book can be found in Fort Nimahj.

Maelmaklah 16: 1820, Av2

Military officials are gone. They disappeared. One second they were there, but with the blink of an eye, ther were gone. Generals, commanders, squad leaders, half of the infantry. Approximately 75% of the Avsohm government disappeared without a trace. On this day, the realm fell. As soon as Mael's generals caught wind of the disappearance, they launched a long awaited attack. The remaining military personnel prepared a defense at the city-stronghold known as Sal'Anyr. Perched atop a plateau in the middle of the great western desert of Anyr'Nogur, the city was well known for being virtually untouchable by the hihl'har forces of the Chaos Deity. That was, until that damned day. Lookouts first spotted it approaching from the South. Mael never had access to flight, but we did. We domesticated the bloodvultures native to the Anyr'Okahp into beautiful creatures known as Kohlohmah. We rode those great birds through the skies, the only way to get in and out of Sal'Anyr, and what military personnel used to patrol and keep the West safe from Mael's forces. Closer, the thing approached. A giant flying beast, resembling that of the rays which populate the bays of Lorahn'Kahl. Its 'wings' did not flap as they should have, it simply hovered towards us. Its wingspan had to have been miles wide, its tail nearly twice as long. They had done something to the poor beast, and I could not help but feel sorry for it. As it got closer, we noticed it was... holding something. Its ribcage extended out from its belly, and within it, cradling a mass of fur and bone. The mass was one-quarter the size of the flying thing, still exceptionally large. Closer, it approached. It was then that we noticed the airships escorting it to us. The creature dwarfed them in comparison. Closer, it came. We fired our cannons, we sent riders on Kohlohmah to attack the airships directly. We took down four of the fifty-two sent to invade. The beast was directly overhead. A shadow cast over the entire plateau, the Torahn blocked by the thing's body. The bones protruding from its chest spread apart, dropping the mass contained within right on top of us. A being of bone and flesh, fur and teeth. Its skull was on the outside of its head, the exposed bones on its body acting as armor. It roared, and smashed through the city-stronghold as if it were a children's plaything. The airships docked on the edges of the plateau, Maelmari and other scorched beings flooding out out into the city from their vehicles. Sal'Anyr had fallen. I, a lowly deserter, climbed atop my Kohlohmah and flew far, far away at the first opening I could find. As far as I know, I am the only one who survived.