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The Black Jungle



The Black Jungle is a vast and thick jungle with high volcanic activity. North of the main river, a swamp can be found. On the south-east coast are many volcanoes and a few islands off the coast. A second swamp is present directly south, aswell as lava pools. Near the center of the region are massive chasms with lava pools at the bottom.


Regions bordering The Black Jungle include:

Notable Locations


The Black Jungle tower can be found on top of a mountain.

In the Lore

This region of Drehmal is arguably the most dangerous area in the realm other than Mael’s sanctum. It’s a vast, dense jungle with white and blue cragged mountains and intense volcanic activity. The jungle features many rivers of lava and swathes of land that are uninhabitable because of ashfall. The area was under the control of the Kingdom of Vir in early Av2, before a civil war shattered the nation, leaving the Black Jungle without rule. The Tide Queen, a woman of unlimited potentia, rose up to unite the Black Jungle under the Tidal Dynasty. It would be over a thousand years later before her rule would end by the hand of a group of assassins sent by the Order of Insohm. Today, the jungle is ruled by the democratic Tidal Republic. It remains fairly isolated, so its culture and customs have become quite different from the rest of the realm’s. The Drehmari of the jungle are considered to be Virtuo’s most devout followers, being so close to her sanctum. They take pride in the peace, purity, and perfection of their nation.