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Mossfield (also New Mossfield) is a town in the Spearhead Forest region, located south of the Spearhead Forest tower across a bay.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: 4091, 66, 1730


Mossfield was originally constructed as a small port city by an ancient empire, but with the emergence of [[airships]], it quickly began to grow in size. Within a decade it became the most populous city in the Spearhead Forest and was selected as the capital for the [[Order of Insohm]]. As more kingdoms joined the Order, Mossfield continued to grow even larger and became the largest city in [[drehmari]] history. Mossfield was a hub of culture, knowledge, art, industry, and trade. However, as relations within the order became unsteady, [[Riots_of_Mossfield|riots]] ensued, and for Mossfield's immense size and diversity, it was all but destroyed. New Mossfield lies west of the ruins of Mossfield, where the Insohmic Library stands as the only remaining intact building. It still boasts one of the largest populations in Drehmal, however the quality of life is significantly lower than ever before, and there still is mass migration out of the city - people searching for better opportunities. [Scroll down for more history, WIP]

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Mossfield is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:

  • Spruce Merchant
  • Berry Merchant
  • Salmon Merchant
    • 3 Raw Salmon for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 12 Raw Salmon
  • Meat Merchant
    • 3 Raw Beef for 1 Emerald
    • 2 Raw Mutton for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 10 Raw Beef
    • 1 Emerald for 7 Raw Mutton


Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
Coordinates Loot
4112, 65, 1757 7x Bread
10x Rotten Flesh
4130, 65, 1741 1x Iron Shovel
3x Bread
2x Stick
4124, 63, 1749
4125, 63, 1749
1x Enchanted Book
1x Redstone Dust
3x Coal
2x Bread
6x Bone
3x String
1x Gunpowder
1x Rotten Flesh
4124, 63, 1756 1x Golden Sword (Thinblade)
4125, 63, 1760 5x Emerald
4124, 63, 1764 1x Bow (Hanzho's Bow)
4117, 63, 1764
4118, 63, 1764
54x Polished Andesite
4111, 71, 1719 4x Sweet Berries
10x Potato
3x Spruce Sapling
1x Large Fern
2x Pumpkin Seeds
4122, 65, 1714 3x Coal
3x Raw Mutton
4128, 74, 1711 2x Emerald
12x Lapis Lazuli
10x Iron Ingot
3x Gold Ingot
8x Gold Nugget
4126, 65, 1696 6x Wheat
3x Raw Porkchop
4140, 65, 1693 1x Saddle
1x Leather Pants
1x Leather Boots
4x Bread
4153, 71, 1706 1x Book and Quill (The Mystery of Castle Hovadchear)
5x Bread
2x Paper
4144, 70, 1738 17x Wheat
3x White Wool
3x Light Gray Wool
4164, 62, 1717 2x Bread
3x Sweet Berries
5x Pumpkin Seeds
1x Spruce Log
4161, 69, 1735 2x Emerald
3x Bread
1x Yellow Dye
1x Smooth Stone
4170, 62, 1713 1x Emerald
5x Bread
3x Potato
4x Spruce Sapling
4150, 68, 1748 4x Bread
3x Pumpkin Seeds
2x Spruce Sapling
6x Spruce Log
4151, 65, 1757 5x Emerald
8x Lapis Lazuli
11x Iron Ingot
17x Iron Nugget
4132, 67, 1756 1x Book and Quill (Old Mossfield)
4132, 72, 1756 2x Emerald
8x Bread
5x Sweet Berries
1x Fern
2x Large Fern
4137, 70, 1773 1x Iron Pickaxe
1x Iron Leggings
1x Iron Boots
10x Iron Ingot
1x Bread
4x Obsidian
4x Oak Sapling
4158, 66, 1771 5x Water Bucket
3x Barrel
1x Coal
3x Wheat Seeds
4107, 65, 1652 1x Coal
3x Raw Cod
1x Barrel
4120, 65, 1650 5x Water Bucket
2x Coal
2x Raw Salmon
1x Barrel