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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



Mohta is a fishing village in the Lorahn'Kahl region, located east of the Lorahn'Kahl tower along the road.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: -49, 71, 5244

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Mohta is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:


Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
Coordinates Loot
-62, 64, 5275 3x Raw Cod
3x Coal
-54, 66, 5309 7x White Wool
3x Light Gray Wool
10x Wheat
-40, 67, 5307 2x Emerald
20x Wheat Seeds
2x Grass
-33, 68, 5293 2x Raw Mutton
1x Raw Beef
-8, 73, 5300 1x Book and Quill (The Tri-Moon Theocracy)
5x Flint
3x Feather
3x Stick
39, 67, 5301 3x Emerald
4x Bread
4x Wheat Seeds
1x Grass
1x Tall Grass
45, 70, 5313 1x Fishing Rod (Webbed Rod)
28, 67, 5318 1x Leather Cap
1x Leather Pants
1x Leather Boots
8x Bread
40, 65, 5329 5x Coal
5x Raw Cod
1x Wheat Seeds
11, 72, 5275 5x Bread
2x Wheat Seeds
21, 65, 5262 3x Water Bucket
3x Coal
3x Wheat Seeds
26, 67, 5266 1x Emerald
1x Smooth Stone
2x Clay Ball
5x Bread
19, 71, 5249 2x Bread
3x Empty Map
3x Paper
-1, 72, 5256 2x Emerald
1x Iron Helmet
4x Iron Ingot
-25, 106, 5251 2x Emerald
1x Lapis Lazuli
3x Bread
8x Rotten Flesh


Mohta is a remaining city of the Tri-Moon theocracy, an ancient civilization that, instead of worshipping the gods of the realm (Drehmal, Maelihs and Virtuo), cast their prayers to the moons Lorahn, Lohrun, and Lo'Dahr. In Av2 1383 several Necromancers fled the Chosen Kingdom (what would become the Avsohmic empire) due to rising hatred and discrimination towards the magic. As Avsohm grew, so did their feelings towards necromancy, and the theocracy based themselves in Lorahn'Khal. As the region bordered the domain of Maelihs, Mael would occasionally send raids and squadrons to the Loran'Khal coast to create chaos, and eventually the Tri-Moon Theocracy responded with a massive undead army. To combat the threat, Avsohm assassinated the theocracies high priests, leading to its downfall and allowing Avsohm to occupy Lorahn'Khal in Av2 1748. However, without the preists or necromancers of Lorahn'Khal, the undead army was and remains and uncontrolled threat.