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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



Highfall is a city in the Highfall Tundra region, located just southeast of the Highfall Tundra tower.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: 5840, 67, -1050

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Highfall is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:

Additional unique merchants can also be found:

  • Bone Dealer
    • 6 Bone for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 28 Bone
  • Abandoned Troupemaster
    • 1 Nail (an enchanted Iron Sword) for 12 Emerald and 1 Quartz


Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
**Coordinates ** **Loot **
5909, 67, -1058 1x Book and Quill (Scripture from a far off land)
5884, 77, -1100 1x Iron Helmet
3x Iron Ingot
5x Bread
5907, 71, -1115 1x Book and Quill (Priestess of Virtuo's Notes)
3x Emerald
1x Redstone Dust
7x Bread
11x Rotten Flesh
5940, 72, -1091 2x Bread
2x Clay Ball
1x Stone Bricks
5939, 76, -1088 1x Compass
3x Empty Map
1x Paper
5951, 71, -1076 4x Raw Porkchop
2x Raw Mutton
5968, 72, -1074 7x Black Wool
3x Gray Wool
1x Light Gray Wool
5972, 77, -1073 1x Book and Quill (Islands of the Realm)
5970, 77, -1077 1x Book and Quill (The Insohmic Civil War)
5959, 73, -1139 2x Coal
7x Potato
5x Snowball
2x Snow Block
1x Beetroot Seeds
5968, 77, -1136 1x Book and Quill (Curious Cavern)
4x Coal
4x Bread
3x Snowball
1x Snow Block
1x Furnace
5982, 71, -1146 2x Saddle
1x Leather Boots
5997, 71, -1125 1x Emerald
1x Iron Helmet
3x Bread
5990, 73, -1107 1x Iron Pickaxe
3x Diamond
3x Gold Ingot
6x Bread
2x Stick
5992, 73, -1107 1x Iron Helmet
1x Iron Boots
7x Apple
5997, 77, -1105 3x Paper
1x Stick
5883, 115, -1186 3x Saddle
1x Iron Pickaxe
1x Apple
6x Oak Sapling
5882, 116, -1194 5x Empty Map
4x Paper
5x Bread
5890, 122, -1194 12x Emerald
1x Lapis Lazuli
3x Iron Ingot
3x Iron Nugget
12x Gold Nugget
5868, 125, -1197 4x Raw Porkchop
9x Raw Mutton
5884, 144, -1204 3x Emerald
1x Golden Horse Armor
1x Saddle
5x Lead
1x Crossbow
1x Bone
2x Blue Ice
5x Rotten Flesh
6071, 75, -1165 2x Coal
6x Bread
6x Potato
9x Beetroot Seeds
6052, 75, -1058 3x Wheat
3x Raw Porkchop
3x Raw Beef
6091, 75, -1077 6x Bread
3x Potato
7x Beetroot Seeds
6x Snowball
1x Snow Block
6158, 77, -1101 3x Coal
3x Raw Salmon
7x Wheat Seeds
6171, 83, -1103 3x Coal
2x Potato
12x Beetroot Seeds
6179, 96, -1112 1x Emerald
1x Leather Horse Armor
2x Name Tag
1x Crossbow
2x Leather
3x Bone
3x Blue Ice


Highfall was once a prosperous and powerful trading city along major routes, powerful enough to abstain from joining the Empire of Avsohm at their peak. When the Frostfang Catastrophe occurred, trade was halted due to ice and treacherous climate. It is now no longer a major power on the continent. Despite joining the [[Order of Insohm]], Highfall remained a once influential and noble city reduced to poverty.