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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



Gozak is a village in the Heartwood region, located east-southeast of the Heartwood tower.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: 2276, 55, 2519

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Gozak is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:

  • Melon Merchant
  • Glazed Terracotta Merchant
  • Dark Oak Merchant
  • Chicken Merchant
    • 4 Raw Chicken for 1 Emerald
    • 6 Feathers for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 14 Raw Chicken
    • 1 Emerald for 24 Feathers
  • Gihmli, a named villager found in Gihmli's Workshop
    • 45 Emeralds and 3 Diamonds for Gihmli's Axe - Diamond Axe with Mending and Unbreaking III


Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
**Coordinates ** **Loot **
2245, 55, 2424 1x Iron Pickaxe
2x Iron Shovel
2x Iron Ingot
4x Stick
1x Bread
2242, 51, 2427 1x Iron Sword
1x Iron Helmet
1x Iron Chestplate
1x Saddle
3x Bread
6x Apple
2273, 51, 2431 1x Book and Quill (The Hunting of Greabeast Muhs)
1x Saddle
8x Bread
2278, 50, 2441 2x Black Wool
10x Wheat
2293, 50, 2469 12x Apple
11x Bread
1x Oak Sapling
2300, 50, 2484 1x Poppy
2x Potato
3x Apple
6x Bread
2x Oak Sapling
2240, 50, 2462 6x Flint
1x Feather
1x Stick
2252, 50, 2476 1x Book and Quill (Pillager Report)
1x Iron Shovel
1x Stick
12x Bread
2239, 50, 2493 1x Compass
4x Bread
8x Paper


Gozak was once a mighty Kingdom, stretching throughout the entire Heartwood. The people of Gozak were respectful but fearsome, regarding themselves as the keepers of the Heartwood. The Gozaki revered Drehmal, the Aspect of Growth Lahrs, and the Aspect of Beasts, Greatbeast Muhs. A hunting party tracked and killed the Greatbeast, hoping to inherit his power and rid the world of monsters. This backfired, and mobs of Angry Gozaki hunted down the hunters, proving their role as Guardians of the Forest and its inhabitants.

This would all change in early Av3. Maelihs demonstrated his sheer destructive power during the Dune Wars and decimated more than half of the Heartwood Forest using the [[Skull Mother]]. Entire cities were reduced to nothing, and many more were abandoned. To this day, in what is known as Mael's Desolation, nothing may grow. Present day Gozak is a shadow of its former self, now a recluse in the forest it once guarded.