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Fort Nimahj is a fort in the Tharxax Plains region, located just west of the North Tharxax tower.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: -1680, 157, 1888

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Fort Nimahj is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:

  • Wool Merchant
  • Beetroot Merchant
    • 4 Beetroot for 1 Emerald
    • 5 Beetroot Seeds for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 15 Beetroot
    • 64 Emerald Blocks and 64 Diamond Blocks for [[Items|God's Brew]]
  • Clay Merchant
    • 8 Clay for 1 Emerald
    • 8 Bricks for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 10 Clay
  • Geraldo del Rivero
    • 38 emeralds and 6 iron ingots for Steel Sword, an iron sword with Sharpness V and Unbreaking I
    • 38 emeralds and 8 rotten flesh for Silver Sword, an iron sword with Bane of Arthropods IV and Smite IV


Several homestay rooms, market, blacksmith, stable, throne, and watch towers.

Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
**Coordinates ** **Loot **
-1723, 157, 1866 1x Wheat
2x White Wool
-1728, 157, 1870 5x Bread
-1723, 161, 1879 1x Book and Quill (Swamp Expeditions)
2x Raw Beef
2x Raw Porkchop
-1715, 146, 1870 1x Paper (nice)
-1725, 157, 1888 1x Book
1x Feather
7x Potato
-1712, 151, 1885 1x Book and Quill (Ancient Diary)
1x Iron Sword
1x Iron Boots
1x Iron Ingot
3x Gold Ingot
6x Obsidian
3x Apple
5x Oak Sapling
-1724, 161, 1901 4x Paper
-1722, 166, 1898 5x Bread
9x Potato
8x Apple
2x Dandelion
-1715, 161, 1901 3x Bread
5x Rotten Flesh
2x Redstone Dust
-1714, 171, 1901 2x Apple
2x Potato
1x Dandelion
-1719, 171, 1897 7x Bread
5x Potato
1x Oak Sapling
1x Dandelion
-1704, 155, 1878 2x Bread
8x Stick
-1721, 175, 1897 1x Bow (Unlimited Power)


Fort Nimahj is a fortress constructed during the Avsohmic Era in order to secure their western provinces. It has remained standing for hundreds of years, despite being captured for a few centuries by Maelihs after the Dune Wars. The [[Siege of Fort Nimahj]] caused considerable damage, however the fort stood strong. It was recaptured by the [[Order of Insohm]] in the Third Avihm, and used as a base of operation for the [[Reconquest of the West]].

Ever since then, Fort Nimahj has remained strong and welcomed those in need, even when neighboring regions fell to the [[Empire of Mael]] in recent years. It is a beacon of hope for Drehmari throughout the realm.