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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



Firteid, also known as the City of Tides, is a town in the Black Jungle region, located just west of the Black Jungle tower on the coast.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

Approximate Coordinates: 4023, 77, 3448

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Firteid is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:


Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
**Coordinates ** **Loot **
4009, 78, 3435 1x Coal
3x Raw Cod
3979, 78, 3445 1x Leather Cap
1x Leather Pants
3x Bread
3961, 79, 3460 3x Apple
9x Potato
4009, 78, 3500 4x Flint
2x Feather
3982, 79, 3502 8x Apple
2x Bread
15x Potato
2x Oak Sapling
3961, 82, 3506 1x Emerald
2x Raw Beef
2x Raw Mutton
1x Raw Porkchop
3953, 82, 3512 1x Book and Quill (Southern Exploration)
1x Apple
3x Potato
1x Dandelion
3909, 93, 3532 8x Emerald
1x Enchanted Book (Aqua Affinity)
3x Obsidian
2x Blue Dye
16x Prismarine Shard
3934, 84, 3474 3x Iron Ingot
6x Bread
3929, 85, 3467 1x Iron Pickaxe
2x Iron Ingot
2x Bread
3926, 84, 3462 1x Diamond Horse Armor
1x Iron Sword
1x Iron Pickaxe
3x Iron Ingot
3x Obsidian
3884, 92, 3456 1x Emerald
3x Bread
1x Yellow Dye
1x Stone Bricks
3856, 94, 3465 2x Compass
6x Paper
3849, 95, 3463 3x Gold Ingot
4x Lapis Lazuli
8x Bread
4x Rotten Flesh
3837, 95, 3468 1x Book and Quill (History of the Tidal Dynasty)
1x Compass
4x Empty Map
1x Bread
2x Stick
3840, 97, 3505 8x Wheat
8x White Wool
3796, 102, 3512 1x Shears
6x Wheat
4x Gray Wool
3812, 102, 3508 1x Arrow
3x Flint
6x Stick
3799, 100, 3473 3x Coal
2x Raw Beef
3731, 140, 3495 1x Iron Leggings
4x Iron Ingot
1x Gold Ingot
1x Bread
1x Apple
9x Oak Sapling
3734, 145, 3493 9x Emerald
1x Diamond
4x Iron Ingot
22x Iron Ingot
3734, 140, 3489 3x Stick
1x Feather
3733, 141, 3488 2x Egg
5x Flint
3x Feather
3734, 140, 3483 1x Egg
3x Feather
3733, 140, 3484 5x Egg
1x Flint
2x Stick
1x Feather
3736, 136, 3479 3x Raw Beef
2x Raw Porkchop
2x Raw Mutton
3731, 140, 3483 1x Emerald
1x Iron Helmet
4x Bread
3732, 107, 3537 1x Masayoshi


Firtied first came to be with he formation of the Tidal Dynasty under the rule of the Tide Queen, a drehmari of unknown name and origin processing unlimited potentia, which she used to make herself immortal. The Tidal Dynasty quickly expanded, conquering the whole of the Black Jungle before fortifying their defenses and evolving into a totalitarian dictatorship to protect the Tide Queen. The powerful defenses meant a large military force, which the Tide Queen used to expand her kingdoms further into the Heartwood, capturing the coasts previously controlled by Gozak. Fearing her ruthlessness, the Avsohmic empire attempted an offensive against the Tide Queen and her kingdom, but was bested by the treacherous Black Jungle. Following the attack the Tide Queen ordered a state of isolation on Av2 1569. Soon after, Virtuo had reemerged, threatening the Tide Queens rule, who decided her best option was to declare herself a devout follower as to twist her populations view of the goddess and limited who was to enter [[The_Kiln|the Kiln of Virtuo]] east of the Firtied to ascend and become virmari. During this time, the Queen committed many more atrocities, culling those she deemed impure under Virtuo. Despite the Queen's actions, Virtuo did not act in fear of inciting a war, and her inaction lead to many more deaths. As Avsohm began dispatching surveillance drones, the Tide Queen ordered each one located over the Tidal Dynasties land be destroyed so that the Tide Queen could continue her method of leadership. In early Av3, the Tidal Dynasty had suffered with the many events of the time, but the Tide Queen only grew more confident, having spent centuries studying the blade with her infamous Masayoshi. In Av3 436, the Tide Queen lifted the isolation of her kingdom, being confident enough in her abilities to defend herself. However, this allowed the newly formed Insohmic Empire to learn of her tyranny and In Av3 628, councilman Hovadchear and a group of highly trained soldiers, backed by Virtuo, successfully assassinated the Tide Queen, ending her reign and allowing Insohm into the Black Jungle, but leading to the great Tide War.