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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



Ebonrun is a city on the border of the Casai Region and Mount Ebonfire region, and is most easily reached by travelling south from the Casai tower. A large water reservoir contained by a gigantic wall borders the city.

Like most cities, it is heavily guarded by Runic Golems.

Spoiler: Location

!Approximate Coordinates: -2936, 79, -319

Unique Merchants and Villagers

Ebonrun is home to a market where permanent merchants offer the following trades:

  • Gunpowder Merchant
  • Concrete Merchant
  • Iron Merchant
    • 1 Iron Ingot for 1 Emerald
    • 1 Emerald for 4 Iron Ingots


Spoiler: Items & Coordinates
**Coordinates ** **Loot **
-2992, 124, -222 3x Emerald
1x Leather Cap
1x Leather Tunic
2x Bread
-3001, 134, -207 4x Wheat
2x Light Gray Wool
-2985, 127, -219 2x Iron Shovel
4x Iron Ingot
3x Stick
1x Bread
-2969, 125, -218 1x Book and Quill (Possible Mining Location)
1x Gold Nugget
2x Bread
1x Torch
2x Acacia Sapling
1x Grass
1x Wheat Seeds
-2987, 141, -194 1x Saddle
4x Gold Nugget
1x Grass
3x Wheat Seeds
-2989, 131, -196 6x Coal
3x Raw Porkchop
-2967, 134, -192 1x Book and Quill (Spider Infestation)
1x Bucket
8x Bread
1x Torch
1x Tall Grass
1x Grass
-2975, 144, -161 1x Book and Quill (Contact with Dusk)
1x Emerald
1x Arrow
5x Feather
3x Stick
-3006, 144, -149 1x Compass
4x Empty Map
7x Paper
-3018, 141, -157 5x Bread
2x Acacia Sapling
1x Tall Grass
2x Grass


Once part of the mighty Tharhan Empire, now the people of Ebonrun are trapped under the watchful eye of Maelihs. Ebonrun's economy almost solely based on mining operations, as the great Mount Ebonfire, rich in useful and valuable ores, is located directly east of the town. An open and operational mineshaft used by the Ebonrun people can be located on the south face of the volcano.