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Mael's Desolation



Mael Desolation is a barren desert with little to no signs of life. Several craters can be found scattered throughout the land. One of the most prominent crater in the region is its epicenter, a massive black crater with a white inner crater on its center.


Regions bordering Mael's Desolation include:

In the Lore

The beginning of the Third Avihm is marked by the fall of Avsohm and the start of the Dune Wars. Maelihs began his conquest, and the Drehmari fought back. In Av3 8, Virtuo deployed her Virmari to help in the fight. In response, Maelihs used a creature of immense power to completely decimate more than half the Heartwood. This act of destruction was meant as a threat to Virtuo, telling her to withdraw her forces or her Kiln would see the same fate as the Southern Heartwood. Nearly two millennia later, Mael’s Desolation remains uninhabitable. The Drehmari who decide to live here are outcasts, the forlorn, mining crews, and pirates who raid the southern ocean.