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The Heartwood



The Heartwood is the thickest and largest forest in Drehmal, the region is split into 3 main parts. The Lesser Heartwood to the north, where rivers flow through the region, the Greater Heartwood south of the Lesser Heartwood, and the Heartwood exclave, which is a part of the Heartwood disconnected from the rest of the region with prismarine cliffs and caverns instead of the normal stone.

Regions bordering The Heartwood include:

Notable Locations


The Heartwood tower stands prominently from the surrounding vegetation.

In the Lore

This forest is a thick collection of hardy trees that grow wildly. These trees are very difficult to maneuver around and have come to encompass a huge region. Most of the area remains unexplored because of the dense canopy and the difficulty of traversal. The people that inhabit this area, the Gozaki, have long struggled with the never ending growth. Eventually they began constructing out of the tree’s strong roots because the stone they used to build became embedded with them. There are two sides to the people of the Heartwood; those that wish to become more intune with the nature around them and embrace it, while others wish to try and develop a method of halting the growth. They primarily serve Virtuo and Drehmal, though the worship of Lahrs, the Aspect of Growth, is also common. The Gozaki are said to hate Maelihs more than all, because of the crimes he has committed against them.