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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



Sal'Mevir, also known as the Ancillary Research Facility, was an Avsohmic research station in the Purity Peaks Region. Most of the facility is able to be explored if one finds it prior to the player's presence being requested by avSYS, but the highest room with [[Items#Avsohm'Kohl]] is locked until one links 25% of the towers of [[The Terminus]]. At this level of linkage, avSYS will request the player's presence at Sal'Mevir and issue one coordinates leading there. The facility has many detailing scientists experiments with primal energy.

Approximate Coordinates & Advancement
Arriving at Sal'Mevir grants the "Temporal Ruins" advancement.

Chests and Loot

**Coordinates ** **Loot **
2355, 124, 1081 2x Emerald
2x Sea Lantern (Defective Primal Catalyst)
1x Chiseled Quartz Block
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1621 - Notes on Survey Drones)
2377, 123, 1084 5x Emerald
8x Arrow
1x Saddle
7x White Concrete
3x Bottle o' Enchanting
1x Bow
2308, 149, 1164 1x Emerald
3x Smooth Quartz Block
2x Iron Ingot
1x Phantom Membrane
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1631 - New Energy Source)
2392, 145, 1147 1x Emerald
3x Iron Ingot
11x Block of Quartz
1x Sea Lantern (Defective Primal Catalyst)
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1640 - New Weaponry)
2392, 162, 1172 2x Emerald
19x Quartz Pillar
1x Iron Nugget
1x Book and Quill (Vehmil's Journal)
2389, 145, 1183 3x Emerald
2x Iron Ingot
18x Smooth Quartz Block
1x Sea Lantern (Defective Primal Catalyst)
1x Phantom Membrane
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1632 - Incredible!)
2444, 145, 1173 2x Emerald
4x Phantom Membrane
3x Sea Lantern (Defective Primal Catalyst)
16x Chiseled Quartz Block
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1647 - Frostfang Catastrophe)
2442, 163, 1163 2x Emerald
8x Smooth Quartz Block
2x Sea Lantern (Defective Primal Catalyst)
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1690 - Construction Halted)
2395, 181, 1265 3x Emerald
6x Iron Nugget
13x Quartz Bricks
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1617 - City of Wisdom)
2496, 146, 1153 1x Emerald
10x Block of Quartz
4x Phantom Membrane
2x Sea Lantern (Defective Primal Catalyst)
1x Book and Quill (Av1695 - Emperor Ifeihl)
2499, 144, 1153 1x Emerald
2x Iron Ingot
4x Chiseled Quartz Block
1x Book and Quill (Av2 1675 - Top Secret)
2587, 229, 1208 2x Emerald
12x Smooth Quartz Block
1x Iron Nugget
2x Phantom Membrane
1x Book and Quill (Avsohmic Hi-Tech Glider)

An Item Frame near the chest at 2587, 229, 1208 contains the legendary item Legendary Items#Avsohm'Kohl.



The story of Sal'Mevir is relayed by the books it contains. These records outline the role Sal'Mevir played in the history of Mt. Yavhlix.

A brief timeline

  • Sal'Mevir is founded sometime in Av2 around the year 1500 - 1600.
  • A false alarm of a powerful energy source is detected and brushed off around Av2 1540, the origin of which likely being Mt. Yavhlix.
  • In Av2 1621 the Avsohmic Scientists create the first survey drones, constructed of pure rehntite, which are later used for scouting purposes.
  • In Av2 1631, a sample from a mining crew operating near Mt. Yavhlix is found to disprove the false alarm from around Av2 1540, showing the presence of a strong source of energy. Survey drones are immediately dispatched to investigate.
  • Upon further inspection and experimentation, in Av2 1632 the energy obtained a year before is proven to be exceptional, pushing the limits of what rehntite can do using the new power source. The true source of the mysterious energy is further beneath the mountain, and further investigation is sparked.
  • A new weapon using the new power source, now called Primal Energy is constructed in Av2 1640. The weapon being a powered railgun, which has insane range, with enough raw destructive force to level entire cities.
  • In Av2 1647, the Frostfang Catastrophe occurs due to the skirmishing between the Frostfang Tribes of Faehrcyle, this causes a continental shift in climate, turning Faehrcyle into an uninhabitable snowy wasteland, and also altering the climates of the Gulf of Drehmal, Casai, and Merijool . This creates an opportunity for the Avsohmic Empire to have full access to Mt. Yavhlix, due to their advanced technology to withstand the climate, while the Frostfang Tribes migrate away to more livable lands.
  • In Av2 1675, the Avsohmic High Court makes leaking information about the operation in Mt. Yavhlix punishable by eternal imprisonment in Temporal Stasis. This is despite the fact that it is well known that the operation in Mt. Yavhlix is happening and its where the energy is coming from. Around this time rumors start to spread about people within going insane.
  • In Av2 1690, the Avsohmic Emperor halts the construction and mining operation in Faehrcyle and Mt. Yavhlix.
  • In Av2 1695, Emperor Ifeihl resumes the operation in Mt. Yavhlix, in search for more Primal Energy to use in weapons to go to war with Maelhis.