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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Divine Ruins


The Divine Ruins is the location of the first event in Drehmal's postgame. It can be found within [[Sunken Astral Body]] in the Akhlo'Rohma region. the A riddle (in the form of an advancement), found along with the Cast-Aside Thoughts, points players here.


The riddle reads: Travel east of the [[painted city]], a [[fallen fragment]] from the home of the deities.

If a player tries to enter the ruins before defeating [[Tethlaen]], then a layer of bedrock will be there and players will be presented with the message "You have a splitting headache". The dungeon itself consists of long halls with stationary skeleton archers placed throughout. The player also keeps the jumpboost effect, normally present in the Astral Body, which is needed to traverse the ruins. At the end the Primal Mind is found.

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