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Insohmic Civil War

  • Beginning: Av3 596/600
  • End: Av3 611
  • Place: [[Order of Insohm]], Eastern and Central Drehmal
  • Outcome: Loyalist Victory
  • Combatants: Loyalists: Insohmic Commonwealth, Provinces of Vir, [[Gozaki Union]], Federation of Faehrcylian Kingdoms / Separatists: Dusps, Highfall, Remnants of old [[Faehrcylian]] tribes / Tidal Dynasty
  • Commanders: Ultva Utofal, Hovadchear Myrik / Unknown / Tide Queen
  • Battles and events: 600th Massacre, Battle for the Skies, Battle of Kozdan, Siege of Highfall, Battle of Sahvoltha


The Insohmic Civil War was a decade long war over the attempt of three nations to secede from the [[Order of Insohm]]. These nations were declared war on after they committed atrocities in the 600th Massacre. The outcome of the war was a victory for the Loyalists, with Dusps' territory compromised, Highfall capitulating, and the Remanents of old [[Faercylian]] Tribes surrendering. The Tidal Dynasty joined the war as a third party, however they lost in a fight against Gozak .


Prior to the start of the war, the Order of Insohm was recovering from the trade wars. The entire order is hit with an economic depression, and many nations are rethinking their membership of the order. In Av3 596, three nations attempt to leave the order. The situation does not escalate until Av3 600, and the 600th Massacre.

The 600th Massacre

For one reason or another, the separatist nations allowed their militias to slaughter Insohmic civilian militias. This was likely to kick off a war the separatists were confident in winning. This atrocity angered the remaining members, which declared war on the separatists. For many years the two sides engaged in border skirmishes, airship raids, and a full blown battle for the skies. During this airship battle, a loyalist airship happened to fly over Tidal Dynasty territory. This enraged the Tide Queen, which recognized it as an act of war. She subsequently declared war on the loyalists, and entered the war as a third party.

A Third Party

After joining the war, the Tidal Dynasty attacked the Gozaki city of Kozdan. In Av3 609, they were pushed out in a devastating defeat. That was their only contribution to the war, however their defeat provided a significant morale boost to the Loyalists. With this, they pushed northward and laid siege to Highfall. By Av3 610 they were victorious, and continued their journey westward through the Veruhkt Plateau. The forces pushed deep into Duspian territory, capturing the city of Sahvoltha on the [[Resting River]]. Dusps subsequently capitulated, and the Remanents of old Faehrcylian Tribes followed suit.


The civil war left a sour taste in the mouths of many nations. It influenced the Tidal people's dislike of Insohm, which would later erupt in the Tidal War. This war showed the instability of Insohm - it would never stay at peace for longer than a decade.