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???: Congratulations. You've made it so far. Further than I had anticipated.

???: You must be dying for answers. You crave it and are truly insatiable.

???: Yet, there is one question lingering in the back of your mind: Why am I willing to tell you this?

???: Especially when I just showcased what happened to those who sought their own answers.

???: It's because you are insignificant. Infinitesimal. You are nothing but an amalgamation of atomic particles, concocted by an entity you can never meet.

???: You cannot pose a threat to me. The river of time that you drift upon has sealed its fate.

???: The pursuit for power is absolute.

???: It is the ultimate goal of any lifeform, be it through raw, physical strength, control over a dominion, to have power over their own unruly consciousness, or simply to fuel their biological engines.

???: But, what if there were a power that transcends power? The capacity to grant it and relay it to other beings.

???: I am that power. I am the cultivator of it, I sow the seeds of strength and might, mind and soul.

???: I give the fruits of my labor to those I deem worthy of it. With it, they may go on to preside over their own realm, with its own rules.

???: As you can imagine, there are an infinite number of beings that desire my metaphorical crown, and under no circumstance must that crown fall into the hands of the crooked.

???: Alas, I am getting ahead of myself. You came here for power yourself - so let us get you that power.

???: ‘The light unlike any other feeds upon a heart.’