Transcript Resonant Halls


???: I wish you the best of luck.


???: Those poor souls. Imagine watching your fellow workers succumb to that nightmare.

???: What your just dealt with was but the remains... residue, if you will. of the aberration I sent their way.

???: Be glad I did not make you face the real thing.

???: Anyhow, I believe you have an invitation

???: I'll be your host

???: Do not expect to face me. I have better things to do than participate in petty squabbles.

???: Instead, for your final challenge, I have sent invitations to some other... significant guests.

???: Let's hope they make an appearance.

Primal Soul: Atop the island of the rising sun, the entrance to the hall of a king. A place where Nothing can be won, at the heart of everything.