Transcript Primal Court


???: My guest has finally arrived. Just when I thought you would not show.

???: Only a little bit more to go, then you'll have your hands on the prize.

???: I'm expecting quite the preformance today.

???: I promise my other visitors will treat you with honor and respect.

???: You will be expected to do the same.


???: Impressive. Very impressive.

???: You have proven yourself worth of Avsohm's imitation. Thus, you have earned my respect.

???: It would do you well not to squander it.

???: With all three of your challenges complete...

???: ...Scratch that. I have one final task for you.

???: You mustn't worry - it's only a short jog compared to your other feats.

???: Return to where you had risen.

???: Then, I shall grant you knowledge... without fear of repercussions.

Primal Soul: Return to the place where you had risen, lest you wish to not be chosen